The fall of Israeli agriculture
Oren Sabah
Published: 12.05.16, 23:41
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1. Negative VAT for poor
Zola   (05.13.16)
The Haredim get benefits and the settlers and olim but poor holocaust survivors have to miss meals and eat junk Instead of destroying the cucumbers and other vegeies set up vege juice and vege soup superfresh through Angus and other Shoah support organisations plus the whole poor in Israel they could set up enterpreoner export to Africa also.
2. Must be solidarity with our people
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.13.16)
to survive as a Jewish Land.
3. Why Don't You Export Those Cucumbers?
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.13.16)
Oh that's right the BDS movement is beginning to affect sales in Europe. And Israelis being cheap they would rather buy less expensive produce from the West Bank and Gaza. Screw the Israeli farmer. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
4. returning again to the luftgesheft?
sasha ,   Bilbao, Basque   (05.13.16)
Very embaracing article. Is the dream of our fathers crashed into pieces? Of cource it is easier to sell "air" than a real tomato. This is very depressing.
5. Destroy Agriculture then you Destroy
Tova ,   Canada   (05.13.16)
Israel. The enemies of Israel are all over the world in every nation. And yet in every nation there are those who are strong supporters of Israel. Even in Israel you have enemies. The Haredi who refuse to work and educate their children. And the government who refuse and eny he life blood of Israel. This will be our downfall. The enemies inside and outside of Israel. Farmers are also experiencing the same in Canada, United States and other countries. Israel should not be destroying food. The day will come when the nations of the world goes against Israel. And what shall we say when we have no food or water to feed the nations?
6. A Shander....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.13.16)
Agriculture is an integral part of the Israeli heritage and character....The do nothing government must intervene and make it feasible to continue farming. But a protective tariff on Palestinian Goods! Support Israeli Agriculture/Horticulture at all costs!!!!!!
Nobody in their right mind wants to pick olives /oranges , bananas ,or whatever ,in this day and age .
Yo , Join da queue , if you are a modern jew , for da Queue cumber , don't do a number ,awake from yo slumber , dumb and dumber , go dance a Rhumba , nobody gives a hoot ,young israelis don't wanna pick fruit , they want to search for loot , if yo got a Tractor go park it ,and go play da STOCK MARKET . Yo ,I know it aint fair , but we all want to be a millionaire .
SAFED POET ,   SAFED POETRY   (05.13.16)
There was a man from Metulla ; who sihed his life was fuller ; so he pulled a number and dished his cucumber and now his life is less duller.
11. Test the veg. from Gaaz etc.
gerd   (05.14.16)
Why the farmers domt let test the veg. on their own costs-if they are not o because of waste water(also veg. in Mexico get often waste water,is saw once a report and the water was really sh....)give it to the newspapers and nobody will buy it anymore.
12. Ahh... That Explains It
Eli Wapniarski ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.16)
I was wondering why in recent years it has been so hard to get fully ripened fruit and vegetables off the shelf. That explains it very well.
13. Agriculture formed the core of Israel and its people are ...
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.16.16)
salt of the earth. I lived in the area long ago. Kibbutz Givat Haim (both of them) and the surrounding Moshavim were a beautiful oasis in the heart of Israel. Like the song that played on the radio then, It's cold there outside.
14. the Fall of israeli agriculture
Deff ,   Germany   (05.18.16)
I think that Oren is absolutely right!
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