Hamas, Israel agree to de-escalation
Elior Levy
Published: 08.05.16, 12:01
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1. Presumably Hamas continues tunnels&Israel stops lookind for
Alan ,   SA   (05.08.16)
tunnels State Dept of US motto "Israel must bleed a little"
2. Israel agreed to stop search for tunels ,as commemoration
ab   (05.08.16)
of the Remembrance Day . Netanyahu is not even a tiger ,but a paper ostrich.
3. Wow, Ishould be so lucky: Thank God Almighty Hamas agreed!!!
4. restoring a modicum of calm is important
C   (05.08.16)
i know that the pm will be again criticised for not eradicating hamas. i also know that this truce or calm is neecessary for both parties. we cannot allow the loss of life of children to continue. the people of gaza, though enemy aliens, must have their lives improved. it makes no difference that they elected hamas, or that they refuse to make peace. what matters is our jewish values. we are commanded to save lives. lives can be saved only as long as the enemy agrees that the lives of their children is more precious than war to eradicate the jewish state. the people of gaza could have a good life. it is up to their leaders and their parents to provide that life through peace.
5. Hamas can't exist without wars they start and lose.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.08.16)
it's in their DNA start a war, lose a war, start another war without regard for their own captive pals. The best part is the damage that Hamas inflicts by punishing the pals even if by an errant rocket that destroyed their only water treatment plant leaving them knee deep in human waste and not enough potable water. Fighting against G-ds chosen has real consequences none of the good. KEEP BUILDING !!
6. definiton of weakness-herzog
jeff   (05.08.16)
how chaim herzog and his wife raised such a deluded wimp has no good explanation. herzog attacked bibi for criticizing deputy chief of staff golan for his israel nazi germany comparison. herzog says how dare he? how dare he ?well, I condemn golan whatever his intention for putting israe and nazis on the same page.herzog has trouble with this- then isaac-go to hell and take gal on and livni with you. if israeis some of them seem excessive and overly brutal, it is because thebutchery of the arab horde has caused this while themedia play it down. for example, 7 idf soldiers were lightly injured by media claims of arson? recalmally?? 99% of the fires are caused by arab terrorists or hooligans. and they should be dealt with seriously not with a slap on the wrist. even now, media brags about calm returning to the south when the equation has not changed. and herzog who agreed with bibi's conduct in the gaza war now condemns for not hitting harder, the hippocrite that he is. herzog like bibi has no idea on what to do other than make concessions. that is why they wanted tojoin forces-bibi and herzog-2 weaklings. bibi was one military screwup with 2 left hands and according to some reports i read, his brother yoni screwed up the surprise element of the entebbe raid by ignoring betzer's advice. whoknows the truth save to say, netanyahu is a security failure on a par with olmert. i thank shapira for his upcoming report. thank you.
7. It's A Good Deal
Brett ,   Florida   (05.09.16)
Netanyahoo says Israel won't look for tunnels anymore, and hamass says they won't try to kill IDF soldiers for now. Brilliant! Problem solved. Until hamass murders more Israelis. Then netanyahoo can bomb some more empty buildings. Problem solved again.
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