Tomato voted 'most Israeli vegetable'
Ruth Neve
Published: 12.05.16, 19:28
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1. Favorite Vegetable?
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.12.16)
All well and good...nice article. Unfortunately, a Tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable! LOL
2. The tomato is a fruit
RLK ,   Miami   (05.12.16)
3. I thought the biggest vegetable was the President.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.12.16)
4. Gee and I thought the "Exploding
Moose Zoobree ,   NY US   (05.13.16)
Cucumber" would have been the vegetable of choice?
5. president a tomato ?
jack biderman ,   netanya israel   (05.13.16)
6. Peeled tomatoes?
Marvin Kleinstein ,   Hadera, Israel   (05.24.16)
Nero had his concubines "peel" grapes, and we all "peel" bananas, but please tell me, who "peels" tomatoes before eating them?
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