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Ania Bukstein on Game of Thrones
Itay Segal
Published: 14.05.16, 13:26
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1. Oh boy! Jewish boobies!
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.16.16)
If there was one 'drama' show on tv with superfluous nudity, this is it. You can see more naked body parts in one hour of this show than in a season of National Geographic. And if you take out the gratuitous fake sex, the show loses nothing. So one is forced to ask, why did they put it in? Because the people who market the show know those bored 25 - 45 year old guys will watch it until their eyes fall out, waiting on the edge of their couches for another close-up of some perky boobies. Too bad the producers of the show didn't have the integrity to say 'the show can stand on its own without the need for gratuitous T & A." But they didn't. So I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of Ania, if you know what I mean. There's always the chance Ania told the producers she won't undress to 'act.' We can hope, right?
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