UN panel against torture flags 'excessive force' by Israel
Associated Press
Published: 13.05.16, 18:49
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1. So, the UN is silent re: ISIS beheadings
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.13.16)
and Christian genocide but, ONLY Israel somehow is the UN's only target? UN should be shut.
2. Truth Never will be Known
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.14.16)
Israel could easily disprove any and all allegations by video of all treatment of all prisoners. The IDF could also video all its operations against Palestinians with cheap Go-Pro helmet cams. Israel makes lots of claims of moral superiority to the rest of the world. But never seems willing to demonstrate how humane Palestinian children of other prisoners are treated. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
3. The UN report criticizes Israel
tiki ,   belgium   (05.14.16)
Really? What a surprise! The're repeating themselves and then ask why Israel doesn't care! With all the atrocities going on in the world, all the human misery, the wars, the hunger, the fugitives, the terror, the rapes, the slavery, the child abuse, the poverty, etc. etc.etc. it would honour the UN to be a little more humble and a little less critical of Israel for they are not doing a very good job (being very political correct here) solving these disasters and their warfare against Israel won't solve them either!
4. An everlasting life threatening to Israelis is correct ???
Louis CHOI ,   Hong Kong   (05.14.16)
It is a normal human reflex of the Israelis under being attacked by arabs from the very beginning of the establishment of Israeli State. arabs were too superstitious to rely on densely population that they even could spit a mouthful of saliva to drown all Israelis. In fact, their thought were wrong, as you see their Holy Scriptures, their God is God, war victory did not depend on how much weapon & how many people, but merely on God's hand. The late Egyptian president, Sadat knew this mystery, all other arabian leaderd Israeli's God make them blind in heart.
5. Useless Nations, Israel will continue to fight jihadists
C   (05.14.16)
israel will continue her fight against all of the murderous jihadists trying to destroy the sovereign jewish state of israel. the arab palestinians should keep their children safe at home rather than sending them out to attack israeli civilians and members of tzahal. it is illegal under international law to use child soldiers in any conflict. the arab palestinians should stop their martyrdom operations and brainwash their children in schools, mosques and television to hate jews and to murder jews.
6. 2 Israel has nothing to prove
C   (05.14.16)
this so-called report is based on rumours and innuendoes.
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