Hezbollah blames insurgent shelling for death of top commander in Syria
Roi Kais & Reuters
Published: 14.05.16, 11:52
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1. Glad it was not Israel.
AKG ,   India   (05.14.16)
Glad they are not blaming Israel for this. If they thought it was Israel responsible, they would attack innocents in Israel in retaliation.
2. Nasrallah
USA   (05.14.16)
Nasrallah don't you want martyrdom and 72 lucious virgins? Common guy step out of your rat hole!
3. #1: you sound a little naive
David ,   New york   (05.15.16)
Hezbollah already wants to kill as many Jews as they can, the only thing keeping them is fear of what will happen if they try (2006 is a bad memory for them) It bothers me that Israel is not killing more Hezbollah terrorists in Syria. They have no business being there other than to kill Syrians and get free weapons for their terrorism. They are a fair target to kill on sight
4. I am certain that Israel killed him.
Ephraim ,   Xanadu   (05.16.16)
The terrorists do not have the skills or localization intelligence infos so as to use advanced weaponry. Hezbollah is overstreched in Syria. The iranians have most likely ordered them not to blame and retaliate against Israel at this point in time.
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