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Israeli made president Brazil's Central Bank
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.05.16, 18:06
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1. So it is true
Raptor   (05.15.16)
The Jews really do control the world.
2. Named by who
Frsnk sol ,   USA   (05.16.16)
He was named by the lebanese new president, so if something goes bad can blame either.
3. If...
Curtis ,   USA   (05.17.16)
If the Jewish people actually did control the world, this world would be a whole lot better place in which to live. Just look at the vibrant nation of Israel. It is an island of tranquility situated in a sea of wild-eyed, violent neighbors.
4. #1
YES, WE DO. we even control you....but you are too stupid and of no intelligence value to us, jews. people like you, their profession is hate, not intellectualism. you lack brains and the jews have no need of you except to wash their floors and clean their homes.
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