Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The Double Nakba
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 16.05.16, 00:31
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1. The big one....
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (05.16.16)
The real Nakba is still ahead of us.
2. nakba law of nakba
Josef ,   Toronto   (05.16.16)
For every nakba there's an equal and opposite nakba
3. So you have adopted "nakba" yourself, Yemini?
Way to go, Sir! Soon we shall vanish from this Land, I feel....
4. So what have we to show after 60 years?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.16.16)
Nakba day? And a Palestine subdivided into two entities in Gaza and West Bank separated by an ideological chasm? We all KNOW that two separate tiny entities in Gaza and The West Bank are not viable EXCEPT TO the few select who are lapping up the UNWRA and EU Gravy Trains and want desperately to maintain the status quo Yet there is THE answer staring at us in the face The plan devised in 1999 BY PALESTINIANS FOR PALESTINIANS A SINGLE CONTIGUOUS Palestine potentially larger than Lebanon created from an expanded Gaza formed from land exchanges of West Bank for parts of Negev and possible land purchases from Egyptian Sinai ONE border ONE State ONE People The GEOGRAPHY makes sense The HISTORY makes sense The STRATEGY makes sense The ECONOMICS makes sense And as more and more Palestinians every day embrace this plan a momentum for change is building that WILL become unstoppable
5. wake up call needed to stay current
Yardena   (05.17.16)
Ynet and its lefty journalists ben drori included havent realized what young Arabs did, the conclusion Arab leaders made glaringly evident at the last year’s inaugural session of the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate: Israel simply isn’t one of the Arab world’s major problems anymore, if it ever was. Now all Israel needs is for the West to finally come to the same realization.
6. Let "Palestinians" take their Nakba to Europe
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.16.16)
Israel needs to adopt some wise carrot and stick incentives to up "Palestinian" departure, from Israel, from tens of thousands annually to hundreds of thousands annually. Let "Palestinians" take their Nakba to Europe. Maybe Europe wants to put up with their crap and call it "multiculturalism".
7. Refugees in Palestine
Denis Harkin ,   Dublin, Ireland   (05.16.16)
The implementation of UN resolutions on Palestine must be matched with good security control by the Palestinian Security Forces.
8. #4 Sammy. "Palestine" is never going to happen
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.17.16)
#4 Sammy. This fictional entity called "Palestine" will remain fictional forever. Its never going to happen. If "Palestine" was ever to be born, it would have happened decades ago, when leftist Labor ran Israel and when there were few Jews in Judea and Samaria. You can dream of "Palestine" all you want, Sammy. But it will never be more than a dream. Or nightmare.
9. Most Israeli Jews want separation
VirtualTransferNOW ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.17.16)
Israel is fast approaching making a historical separation decision demographics could very easily make Israeli Arabs and their brethren a majority and bring about the end of a Jewish Homeland which is a necessity . We are both in need of shedding the "burden" of the other, culture religion and generations of in grown hate have made living together under one rule totally impossible most Israeli Jews agree to that how to go about it is the question but separate we must each to their own fate it wont be easy but it must be done as soon as possible. If not Israeli Jews will certainly call for a "Strongman" to put order into the madness and chaos of todays Knesset with its Arab politicians constant spitting in their faces, it wont be the perfect nor even perhaps the last solution but its a start .
10. Nakba and lying to one's self
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.18.16)
It is much easier for fools to blame others for their own predicament than to accept blame and make corrections. I can never understand this type of person who never seems to improve but they are all around us.
11. #9. Jews are growing majority in our land
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.18.16)
#9. You have been listening to too much "Palestinian" disinformation. Countless credible Israeli and American studies prove Jews are a growing majority in our land, including Judea and Samaria. Moreover, Judea and Samaria Jews have one of the highest birthrates in the Western World. We welcome separation from "Palestinian", but not giving them any more of our sole tiny Homeland. They already have Jordan, which rightfully belongs to Jews. Help "Palestinians" leave our land forever!
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