Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The French peace initiative is doomed to fail
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 16.05.16, 23:39
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1. French Proposal
DSM ,   USA   (05.17.16)
Any peace proposal from France or the UK must be rejected by Israel as the contents will always favor Arabs. Why? Because both France and the UK are being overrun by Muslims and the leadership will do everything in it's power to appease these hoards including trying to get Israel to play the sacrificial lamb. Eventually the leaders of France and the UK, along with Germany, will realize the lion is not only at the gate but in their country and it will be too late. It may be too late at this time.
2. Israel's Way or the Highway.
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (05.17.16)
Since 1949, Israel has rejected any statehood for Palestinians based on Equality and equivalence. Right of Return - Good for Jews, but not for Palestinians to their own state. Self-Defense - Only for Jews, never for Palestinians. Sovereignty - Only for Jews, never for Palestinians. And the beat goes on, yeah the beat goes on.
3. flawed logic
maurice clebert ,   israel   (05.17.16)
by saying yes at any proposal, the israeli have demonstrated weakness, so the world can demand more and more f rom israel they will always agree more or less. it is time for israel to sit with ITSELF, and ask the question: what do we really want? the day Israel will clearly make its own voice heard clear andloud, the world will have no reason to propose dumb french style porposals , because it will be clear what the red lines of israel are , what is negotiable and what is not. un til then, the arabs population grows and israel loses legitimacy in the world. so hurry up !!
4. I usually enjoy reading your editorials
Ed ,   USA   (05.17.16)
but here you're relying on the same old right wing talking point, "they will never agree to change their position so there's no point trying". Many accounts by those who were present at negotiations towards the end of the Olmert govt say that Abbas had agreed to modify the language about "right of return" to "just resolution" of the refugee situation. And during the Obama administration this language was adopted by the Arab League as well. There was diplomatic motion by Abbas, Livni, and Olmert towards changing absolute right of return towards other compensation so as to make an agreement preserve Israel as a Jewish state. I believe this is why Olmert was "politically assasinated" by the prosecutions that went on without end until something could stick. Olmert and Abbas both have publicly stated they were very close to an agreement, and the right wing in Israel had to make sure that didn't happen. You're too smart to omit these details from your analysis. Sure the French messed up regarding the Temple Mount UN thing, but that doesn't mean all diplomacy is doomed or that a future Palestinian govt couldn't come to an agreement with a future Israeli govt. Try looking around for something better to share here than "they never will negotiate or compromise so why try". I can get the same level of useless pessimism reading the op eds written by the BDS leadership.
5. Translation: French are appeasing their local Muslims
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (05.17.16)
This is a transparent attempt for the French government to appease the !uslim hordes that riot, bomb, and terrorize their cities. It is no intended to be successful. It is intended to make Israel look bad because they won't accept terms that guarentee lots of dead Israelis. ISIS has nothing to do with Israel and the French know it.
6. sec of state john kerry
jayson   (05.17.16)
john kerry, a blowhard who imitates john kennedy speech is one of the more useless sec of states ever. he is gullible, not accurate about details, and says things that at times are unbelievable erronneous.so erekat brags that kerry is attending the paris summit to set borders and dates. well john kerry, take your prescriptions and drop them in hyannisport when you sail because they are good for nothing. israel will never listen to you based on the iran deal and favour that you did for your soninlaw.
7. The Minute the Arabs.........
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.17.16)
applaud a "peace initiative" is the minute it is doomed to fail. There is a reverse ratio between the Arabs supporting something and its benefit for Israel. If you want to know how bad something is for Israel, see how enthusiastic the Arabs are about it.
8. Entire affair is a joke
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (05.17.16)
The Hollande government barely has approval of 15% of the French public. It inked large defense deals with Arab countries ($12B with Saudi) and now it wants to return the favor by offering up Israel. Israel is correct to reject this charade out of hand. Perhaps if we had shown a bit more self respect in the past, with less prevarication, our position would be somewhat better.
9. We support their right of return to Arabia fully&Truly!!!!!!
10. French Initiative...Is that what they call t?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.17.16)
More ike simply going over the same motions, the same sound bites, the same old worn out formulas that have lead us nowhere for 60 years! We all KNOW that two separate tiny entities in Gaza and The West Bank are not viable EXCEPT TO the few select who are lapping up the UNWRA and EU Gravy Trains and want desperately to maintain the status quo Yet there is THE answer staring at us in the face The plan devised in 1999 BY PALESTINIANS FOR PALESTINIANS A SINGLE CONTIGUOUS Palestine potentially larger than Lebanon created from an expanded Gaza formed from land exchanges of West Bank for parts of Negev and possible land purchases from Egyptian Sinai ONE border ONE State ONE People The GEOGRAPHY makes sense The HISTORY makes sense The STRATEGY makes sense As for the ECONOMICS it would be TRANSFORMATIVE And as more and more Palestinians every day embrace this plan a momentum for change is building that WILL become unstoppable
11. Palestinian Right of Return
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.17.16)
In his 2014 proposal, Netanyahu wanted to control the right of return numbers of Palestinians to the proposed Palestinian state. And of course, that state would remain occupied forever in his theory. Abbas could not take that idea to the Palestinian people for some odd reason. For some strange reason, Palestinians think a Palestinian state should be run by Palestinians independently. Really odd concept, like American Presidents deciding on American foreign policy. How dare they!
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