Lieberman to join government, become defense minister
Moran Azulay
Published: 18.05.16, 19:14
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1. No new face and no real change.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.18.16)
So much for democracy in Israel.
2. Disaster for army and Israel
Avi L.   (05.18.16)
Bibi is irresponsible, would do anything to keep crown
3. yaalon had enough chances
eric   (05.18.16)
moshe yaalon defense minister had chances enough. his decisions were very cautious except he was good at hitting hezbollah. he had all the assets of a fighting general but he naively attached himself to bibi and his strategy of bandaids and calm for calm which was a mistake. no one is saying tdo send idf into the teeth of hamas and hezbollah ied antitank positions which superman cannot defeat without huge casualties.we are talking about asymmetrics. dirty fighters which hamas and hezbollah are cannot be taken without dirty fighting to counter. that is the way it is. another thing-the idf has to take care first of the people and its soldiers. they must follow orders and be disciplined. they must do what they can not to harm civilians on the other side except for this-many civilians aid and abett terror. they tell us that.they pass out candies to celeberate maiming of idf soldiers and civlians. i am tired of idf soldiers being butchered. yaalon and golan keep saying restraint and protect arab civilians first. well yaalon will lose his job the press reports. he had enough chances. his gaza campaign was better than what halutz and olmert did. but it was not enough. philalphi should have been retaken and area flooded to block tunnels. no expansion of fishing zone should have occurred and farming not permitted right up to the fence since hamas plants explosives there and had no intention to farm. yaalon and bibi were wrong. yaalon had plenty of chances and he was not strong enough as defense miinister. so he should be replaced.
4. Mr. Y. has shown some principles by defending a subordinate
N ,   N   (05.18.16)
That's bad for Mr. N. and therefore Mr. N. offers to Mr. L. everything the latter wants only to replace bad that bad role model!
5. Lieberman
Avi Schryber ,   Givat Zeev   (05.18.16)
it's an absolute disgrace ! Lieberman is a fascist who should be in prison for all the scandals he has had ! He's unfit to be defense minister !
6. Let's celebrate .!No messing around with Lieberman !
Roland ,   london England   (05.18.16)
7. Not sure about this
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.18.16)
I would have thought that Foreign Minister would have been a better position for Lieberman.He is,after all,a politician not a military man.Israel has enough ex-generals to fill the role of Defence Minister. When Lieberman was previously FM he stiffened Netanyahu's spine during negotiations and dragged him away from disastrous mistakes.His absence will be missed in future negotiations. Looking on the positive side,I can only hope that Lieberman shows some strength in Judea and Samaria,puts an end to the informal prevention of building in Jewish 'settlements',confines PA activities to the ones and places allowed in the Oslo Accords,and looks to Russia as an alternative to the USA as a supplier of advanced military equipment. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
8. Avigdor Lieberman as Defence Minister
C   (05.18.16)
it is yet to be seen how lieberman will perform as defence minister. wwhat is quite certain is that he will enforce the authority of the civilian elected leadership over the army. nor will his decisions be influenced by the obama regime.
9. Netanyahu sends a message
C   (05.18.16)
by choosing lieberman as defence minister, netanyahu has sent a message to those in the international community who would attempt to determine israel's borders unilaterally or in any way infringe on israel's sovereignty. the timing of this appointment is excellent. the french and the arabs are cooking up some more diplomatic hits on the jewish state, with the obama regime silently applauding. lieberman has experience surviving in an atmosphere of jew hatred. he also has a strong personality. he is a nationalist, but one who can be creative and even pragmatic.
10. #8 you say that but
Yoni   (05.19.16)
Nor will he be influenced by the Obama regime? First of all it is not a regime, Obama was elected by the people, secondly under President Obama Israel has received the biggest defense budget in history, and that my friend comes from American tax payers pocket, so influenced? He had better be
11. if it weren't so sad,
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (05.18.16)
it might even be funny when Lieberman uses the IDF to coo (coup d'etat) his way into power and replace Netanyahu!
12. Finally the Left realizes the Party's over! Right On!
13. Horror strikes pose on Israeli TV
PicklePusses ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.19.16)
How wonderful it was to see on morning tv channel 2 the faces of the program hosts shock rage snarls hisses Dan Margalit raging on against Lieberman in other words the Leftist Tyrannical Media Elite at its very ( Best/worst. no doubt the majority of the public who watched it enjoyed their "suffering" WONDERFUL hope their will be more of it !!
14. Time to think about leaving
Martin ,   Tel Aviv   (05.19.16)
Now the path to war has been opened Bibi and lieberman will bring Israel into a war witch it cannot aford or win
15. Powerful combination!!!!!
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (05.19.16)
A time such as now a clam before a great storm. A L as a defense minister is like a A Winston Churchill in the right time of mode except I have not hear that he has been caught drunk. May GOD bless him with wisdom and protection. God bless Israel & the peace of Jerusalem
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