Ya'alon resigns as defense minister, MK
Yoav Zitun
Published: 20.05.16, 09:34
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1. Bogie resigned with his first act against those he serves
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (05.20.16)
Under his tyranical color of authority and self annointed iron fist to enforce his arbitrary and capricious law, Yehudim lives have been destroyed despite his oath to protect same. He not only creates Judenreins in the land of their own name, their morasha, he confiscated Torah learning centers and deprives those he serves of basic liberties of movement in the land of their own name and deprives them of basic abilities to protect themselves against the mad asses of men left in their midst that the GOI and the nation's feed, arm and train to come and kill them. Bogie descrates the crimson sands containing the blood of those who the land is named for. He betrays those he swore through his lips to protect and those who actually protect them with their arms. Instead of abandoning and expelling those he serves and those who serve under him, he should have enforced the right of return of the genocidal, mass murdering, cannibalistic extortionists back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. That would be humane so you won't have to kill them the next time they can't control their homicidal impulses. And that goes for repatriation the exiled Hashemite tyrant from the Hejaz and redeeming 78% of the internationally mandated Jewish Homeland east of the Yorden too! Rak kak!
2. Good riddance
Heshy ,   New York city   (05.20.16)
Finally. It's about time. Where is the Israeli public when they have a so called defense minister who defends terrorists and imprisons Jews. Tourism to israel is dead because tourists see a land full of daily attacks. You need a strong defense minister like Lieberman who has guts like Donald Trump here in America. Enough is enough. You know Lieberman is the right man when the Arabs get nervous just as they are nervous with Trump. As a chareidi american Jew I remember how Lieberman visited the grave site of this great rabbi originally from Russia,the rimnitzer rebbe in upstate New York Monsey. He has feelings for the jewish faith unlike this yahalon boogey woogy.
3. Probably a "good man" at the wrong place&time. Oh well......
4. Good riddance. Lets have a toughy
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.20.16)
who knows bites and not barks
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