Ya'alon leaves Defense Ministry: Netanyahu abandoned me
Ynet and Yedioth reporters
Published: 22.05.16, 08:58
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1. No need to stating the obvious
N ,   N   (05.22.16)
To abandon someone when it's good for ones own short-term political gains is sad but common at the top.
2. About time our leadership realized they're playing with our
bloody lives, so they can feel good about themselves & get great "reviews" from the ever so antisemitic "World-opinion"!
3. To be honest: all of you politicos have been one big disap-
pointment! King Bibi as well!
4. Smart move by Bibi.
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.22.16)
5. Good riddance
Heshy ,   New York coty   (05.22.16)
Now Israelis can sleep better knowing they are getting a defense minister who defends them and not the terrorists. Jews being killed every other day is crazy. In their own country no less. Lieberman is great news. Slowly hope is returning to Israel's government as its returning to America as well as Trump stands to be its next president. I feel good already.
6. Winners recognize their mistakes
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.22.16)
and try to repare them instead of pointing fingers like losers do.
7. Wouldn't it be better to label this for what it is
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.22.16)
and that is war. The rules of engagement change when the proper namer is applied. The public views these young men as heroes as too many unanswered pal attacks leave Jews dead and pals freed by prisoner exchanges, hunger strikes, etc. Call it what it is war. Initiate the death penalty for all pal terrorists and watch the attacks dwindle down as no Arab wants to be killed by a Jew. Successful politics in discerning the publics wishes. Listen to your constituents and when you fight a war, be sure you win.
8. co-ordingate: brain, mouth, superiors
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.22.16)
I think Yaaon is suffering from brain in mouth disease. It would have been better if before he gives his opinions he should have checked with his superiors; he is/wasn't top doggie, ya' know....
9. Lieberman is OUR MAN !!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.22.16)
10. Ya'alon abandoned his soldiers
Steve ,   TLV   (05.23.16)
Ya'alon abandoned his soldiers. Something a defense minister should never had done. It is OK that he ordered the army to investigate the shooting but it is never OK to prosecuted his soldiers through the media and pressure his field commanders to do the same.
Love don't live here anymore....
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