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Israeli novelist's books boycotted in the Arab world
Roi Kais
Published: 23.05.16, 20:10
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1. Jews in the US are harassed, assaulted, persecuted
C   (05.23.16)
in particular, jewish student are subjected to assault, intimidation, harassment, on american university campuses. jews are the most persecuted minority in the united states. obama has thus far refused to protect jews on or off campus.
2. The only country they should be banned in is...... Israel!
3. there ARE partners for peace
Richard E Sherwin ,   Herzliya   (05.25.16)
1. saudis got good fundamentalist literary political critics, just like israel's left wing has. 2. saudis sell israel left wing stuff not even from under the counter. 3. if we had a few million saudis they'd all vote for meretz... 4. so obviously theyre peace partners
4. Crunched in the middle
Zola   (05.30.16)
Gross an is being crunched in the middle by the Ferals of Islam and the Aggros of Judaism in a classic situation that can drive you crazy unless you have a lot of friends or even a Gang -the Gang of the Fighting Moderates . So it's three way war like the Russian Civil War .
5. How is this different?
Tova ,   Canada   (06.24.16)
This is common in Arab countries. Gross is not first or last writer, entertainer that has been banned for one reason or other. Barbara Streisand/Omar Sharif movies were also banned. This is old news. Gross is not crying over this. it doesn't upset anyone. As for idea of labeling settlement products - is worse than banning his books.
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