Egypt seeks to advance own Israeli-Palestinian peace initiaitve
Elior Levy
Published: 24.05.16, 10:45
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1. The BEST chance for PERMANENT Peace
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.24.16)
Is one that INCLUDES ALL Palestinians in the West Bank AND Gaza AND the Diaspora! And THE answer staring at us in the face The plan devised in 1999 BY PALESTINIANS FOR PALESTINIANS A SINGLE CONTIGUOUS Palestine potentially larger than Lebanon created from an expanded Gaza formed from land exchanges of West Bank for parts of Negev and possible land purchases from Egyptian Sinai ONE border ONE State ONE People The GEOGRAPHY makes sense The HISTORY makes sense The STRATEGY makes sense As for the ECONOMICS it would be TRANSFORMATIVE And as more and more Palestinians every day embrace this plan a momentum for change is building that WILL become unstoppable
2. Readers can remember that I have been posting that Sis is a
Alan ,   SA   (05.24.16)
very brave man with solutions -for a very long time I believe Pres Al Sisi is trustworthy and a friend of peace.He has no agendas. Bibi is also on the right wavelength.Im not interested in what the breakers say or do.
3. above
m   (05.24.16)
charity begins at home. other countries should concentrate on their own problems first. by minding other problems they can not fix their own.
4. Oh my, if the French AND Egyptians are PUSHING, then who are
we to decline, right?!
5. Its obvious Israeli victory is the only solution
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.24.16)
The WW II Allies faced a murderous implacable foe. What was the only real peace solution? It is obvious. Total victory over the Nazis. It is equally obvious that the only real peace solution is total Israeli victory over our murderous mortal "Palestinian" foes. Why do some otherwise sensible patriotic Israelis (not leftists) find this so hard to understand? Just stop supporting evil fictional "Palestine" and let the hideous abomination fall!
6. #1, Land for peace in the Negev is actually doable.
Jake ,   USA   (05.24.16)
I never heard of this plan before, but I have thought of it myself. The Negev is not historically Jewish (at least not part of the Israelite tribal territories) and you will even find hardcore settler nationalists who will admit that this plan is something they could support, in exchange for retaining Judea & Samaria. I'm sure the PLO and their BDS hounds will find a reason to oppose this too, and why? Because it doesn't screw Israel. This is not even "out of the box", this is right square inside the box of "two states with land swaps". Just swap out Judea & Samaria for the Negev. It might actually work.
7. no natural way out
zero zero ,   brooklyn new york us   (05.25.16)
1. fighting back creates more terror 2, doing nothing creates even more terror 3. concession creates even more terror
8. #6 From the Palestinian perspective
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.25.16)
It has huge implications for Palestinian Nationhood in PHYSICALLY unifying ALL Palestinians in ONE unitary State and not this bizarre situation of two separate enclaves, with two separate political beliefs, with two separate relationships with Israel, two separate armies, two separate legal systems…ITS STARK RAVING BONKERS But even more than that, EVERY recent analyses of such a Palestinian State shows that economically this would be a fundamental game changer for Palestinians and Palestinian prosperity
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