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Unemployment on the decline, reach lowest rate in 33 years
Gad Lior
Published: 24.05.16, 12:54
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1. Unemployment is down because
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.25.16)
so many people are leaving the country. Most people who are working in Israel don‘t make enough money to live there. Rent and food are very expensive.
2. Employment is up
Reuven ,   Modiin, Israel   (05.26.16)
To number one. It would be an advantage to read the article before writing comments. Had you actually read further than the first paragraph, you would have seen that the actual number of people employed, especially full-time, has increased. In addition, the percentage of unemployed has dropped, based in fact on a larger population!
3. No.3, Who are you talking about, Arabs or Jews?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.29.16)
First of all, these figures are not true based on how the government determines employment. Many Jews that I knew left Israel years ago, and many are still leaving, because they can‘t make enough money to live there. Unfortunately, Israel is no paradise for Jews.
4. 88% part-timer means only 22% have security
Avi L.   (06.03.16)
88% part-timer means only 22% have security, it means that 88% can be fired on the spot, right? So only one fifth of Israelis have a proper job on which to count for planning something in life, while our politicians "earn" the right to a pension after, what?, one round at the Knesset? While Shoah survivors are scavenging barbage bins?
5. #3 Nonsense
Rami ,   Haifa Israel   (06.08.16)
I migrated to Israel from Australia 30 years ago. I have seen some Israelis leave but many Jews coming in and, significantly, many Israelis who had left returning to Israel. Israel is hard sometimes but it is a Paradise for Jews because we don't need to feel guilty or self conscious to show our Jewishness. I love our Chagim and Jewish way of doing things. It is also very striking that the latest UN tracking of happiness in countries show that Israelis are amongst the happiest.
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