Israelis are ‘like a rash,’ says Irish member of European Parliament
Michael Zeff/TPS
Published: 27.05.16, 10:10
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1. the rash israelis
Richard E Sherwin ,   Herzliya   (05.27.16)
that's the nicest thing anyone in the UN or Euroreich has said about us in a long time. gives one furiously to think... and praise the leftovers of the IRA terrorists -- if anyone, they know how bad their PLO buddies really are.
2. a convicted terrorist will always be a convicted terrorist
C   (05.27.16)
obama loves them and releases them under false pretences and in violation of the laws of the land and of the constitution.
3.  She is entitled to her opinion
ky   (05.27.16)
but not her use of language. The comment in reminicent of the style of Joseph Geobbels and that is unforgivable.
4. What is then arab oil cash, the remedy?
Avi L.   (05.27.16)
What is then arab oil cash in some Dubai numbered account, the remedy, justice, progress? This is eurabia, when arab oil money is buying or twisting every politician arm. The same money that is financing islamic caliphate, building of madrassas, terror.
5. Does she have any labels for the Muslims invading Europe?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.27.16)
If Israel is a rash what does she call the raping, robbing, she in your garden or pool Muslims? I think as a terrorist she'd better shut her ignorant mouth. KEEP BUILDING !!!
6. Any ties between her and the swedish FM?
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.27.16)
Seems like her name has linkage to Sweden !! Anderson, a Swedish surname... The linkage between her, Martina Anderson, and the swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström, should be checked out... same trash....
7. Birds of a feather flock together
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.27.16)
Once again I have to thank Ynet for letting me know how the EU wastes my money.I wouldn't have found this out reading the local news media. If the EU Commission didn't spend so much effort and my money appeasing the Gaza terrorists these problems wouldn't exist and the European Parliament wouldn't have them to discuss.Not that it's their business,anyway.Let them discuss the pressures that European health services are being subjected to by recession and immigration. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
9. Ireland closed borders to Jews fleeing genocide
Zola   (05.28.16)
Irish Policy pre WW2 as regards Nazi German persecution of Jews was horrific ply callous . With the capacity to take in hundreds of thousands of Jews I believe they took in less than a hundred . That's one of the reasons the Palestinians in Gaza live harsh lives a knock on effect . Ireland's prewar policy towards Nazism was hugely passive .
10. Loyalists
Simon ,   London/Tel Aviv   (05.28.16)
It is nothing new that the Irish Catholics in Belfast despise Jews and Israel. No need getting upset by this. We need to foster more ties and sho more appreciation with the pro-Semitic protestant loyalists in Belfast who care for us deeply. I personally have a lot to owe them for helping me in the past and they are unsung heroes who support us no end and go largely ignored. They really are amazing people and we kinda do not really notice the 51% of Northern Ireland that support us and we focus on the 49% that hate us!
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