200 former senior security officials present plan to end impasse
Associated Press, Ynetnews
Published: 28.05.16, 13:06
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1. 200 arelim, unbound hearts disclaiming their morasha
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (05.28.16)
And the inheritance before and after the 200 mosserim I stead of removing the threat they are sworn to do from the land of their own name they remove those they serve and is named for them. The mosser would desecrate the blood in sands of their land tha protects them rather than enforce the right of return of the genocidal, mass murdering, cannibalistic rapists and extortionists back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. And repatriate the exiled Hashemite tyrant from the Hejaz along with them and redeem 78% of the internationally mandated Jewish Homeland east of the Yorden. That would be humane so you won't have to suffer from their acts and kill them for acting out their cultural impulses that these 200 mosser would have you suffer.
2. One More Thing
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.28.16)
To preserve some reason for Palestinian willingness to talk, there needs to be some direct statement that Palestinians can have a real state that will not have to host aany permanent Israeli garrison. or nightly raiding parties by the IDF, Shin Bet or any other Israeli government agency.
3. " improve the Palestinians quality of life"
Avi L.   (05.28.16)
Yes, nice! Problem is that the other part knows it too and it's doing everything to WORSEN " Palestinians quality of life". From not educating youth, excepted to instill hate and ignorance to building societies where the constant religious repression has a unique exit: hate of Jews. Oil tyrants live in gilded palaces while their own subject live without sewers. They finance wars and don't care for the victims, instead they direct victims anger towards the West and use them as assault troops. It's all nice and sweet but until on the other side there will be bloody fanatics runned by dictators bent in hating the Jews, whatever we do will be used to get nearer to our homes, airports, bases. Anybody thought about having Hamas in Kalkylia? There is no exit, unless Europe wakes up from its eurabian slumber and stops backing fanatics demands.
4. That's why their ex's.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.28.16)
If any one of these insane ideas would have worked they would be in use. You can't make peace with those hell bent on your destruction. The best policy would be total annexation and repatriation of the arab pals back to where they came from which isn't Jewish Israel. Where do you find these lunatics? Rent a looney?
5. Fb Harold Neale
A ,   Belgium   (05.28.16)
"Netnayahu will never listen to 200 or 2000 former security officials". As if you know him personally. Why not count the fingers on one hand and predict how many fingers you have on the other. That should keep you busy for a few days, bumpkin.
6. You need better leaders before you can solve this conflict
Harri ,   EU   (05.28.16)
Those security and military veterans are right, but as long as you have leadership that is more concern of their own paychecks than Israeli and Palestinian children, you have no hope. With Netanyahu just welcome the one state solution with Palestinian majority.
7. These guys are on Irans payrole...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.28.16)
8. the plan is pro-arab and underminse the zionist cause
C   (05.28.16)
1 golan must remeign part of israel's sovereign territory forever. 2 gaza and the territory of the west bank cannot be united through passage on israel sovereign territory. under no circumstances can israel be cut in half overland or underground to give the arabs passage from gaza to the territory of the west bank. 3 the so called arab peace initiative cannot be accepted. the 1967 armistice lines cannot serve as the basis for any future border of the sovereign state of israel. 4 israel will not accept any arab palestinian refugees since these refugees have been kept in permanent servitude by members of the arab league who refuse to give them citizenship, political and civil rights. 5 jerusalem will remain the unifite city of the jewish nation. the jews will not award the arabs with part of jerusalem as a prize for their thousand year imperialism, colonialims and terrorism. the holy city of jerusalem was the capital city only of the jewish nation, of eretz yisrael. it is known as the city of david and the seat of zion. the arab states allegedly are offering israel recognition if israel accepts the arab peace initiative. the question is, what exactly is the worth of arab recognition. frankly, it is worth practically nothing. as long as the arabs and other muslim states continue to spew venom at israel, as they all do, and as long as they teach their children hatred of the jew, we can live without their recognition. in the case of the jewish state, the sword is much more important than sham agreements on paper. when and if the arabs recognise israel as the jewish state and as a legitimate sovereign in the land of israel, then negotiations can start on the resolution of the conflict. the conflict as is known by now is a religious conflict. hence the conflict can be solved only based on religious agreements. in particular, the muslims must recognise jewish historic rights to the land of israel the historical existence of the two jewish temples, the reality of the jewish nation.
9. Thank heaven these '200' are retired!
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.28.16)
1) Abbas = Arafat 2) Arafat would never make peace with Israel 3) Abbas map shows 'Palestine' encompassing ALL of Israel 4) Abbas praises terrorists 5) Abbas PAYS dead terrorists' families 6) Abbas, his sons, his cousins, and Erekat and his family have become criminally rich at the expense of the Arabs; he will never give up this golden goose. 7) The Quran orders all 'good' Muslims to slay the infidel, convert the infidel, or make a dhimmi out of the infidel. 8) The Quran orders all 'good' Muslims to spread Islam over the world, by sword if necessary. 9) Israel is in the Dar al-Islam, the Land of Islam, and cannot be tolerated. Once land has been conquered by Islam, as 'Palestine' was, it can never become anything else, and the Muslims will fight for ever to regain it. The Jewish state is an 'affront' to Islam every moment it exists. 10) Why do you think Iran hates Israel so much? They don't share a common border. Iran's lunatic leaders drink in the Quran like mother's milk. They are just following the commands of Mohamed- to keep Dar al-Islam pure. 11) The hundreds of 'lone wolf' attacks prove that the Arabs, as a whole, want the jihad to continue. 12) Prior to Arafat's inventing the 'Palestinians,' the local Arabs were just that, local Arabs. 13) Prior to Israel's statehood, there are hundreds of terrorist attacks on Jews throughout the Mandate. Why is that if all this controversy is due to the STATE of Israel? Because jihad is the duty of every Muslim, and that duty comes before everything else. The retired officials, if their advice was taken, would result in the eventual destruction of Israel. The Arabs have not shown the slightest interest in peace- ever. How can Abbas praise 'martyrs' in one breath and say he's for peace with the next? Has Abbas ever said, "I want absolute quiet for the next 30 days to show the Israelis we are capable of peace." Nope. The 200 are retired for a reason- they've lost their way or their ability- or both.
10. amnon-what the pal arabs want
manny   (05.28.16)
regardless of the saudi initiative, fatah and hamas want you and other israelis to leave their palestine. freezing this or that etc will not help one bit. they want to kill israelis and boot the rest out. generals who think that peace could break out are livnig in dreamland. it is like gheto jews signing a deal with hitler who promses not to harm them if they vaccate half the ghetto. it is clear that older israelis military and security officials are simply not competent in the diplomatic regiosn. why not give the golan to isis while you are at it?
11. They represent the old guard Passe
NewGenerationRejects ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.16)
These people represent the old guard which no longer represents the majority of Israelis their time has past it is the last gasp of the defeatist super secular Left along with their compatriots in the doomed Leftist Media
12. #6 Right. Your perfect leaders allow EU invasion by enemies.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.28.16)
13. 200 WHAT?
Fo ,   Belgium   (05.28.16)
Two hundred people that after decades still haven't understood that the conflict isn't nationalistic nor territorial: it is and will remain religious. Islam cannot and will never accept a territory (Israel) that was already "Dar al Islam" and became again "Dar al Harb" ! What I wrote is perhaps Chinese for those 200 geniuses.
14. Military putch in front of our eyes. Only makes sense, since
the democratically elected govt. is not excercising its rightful options. The Left is governed by doctrine of "revolution" no matter what cost. Id we don't nip it in the bud we shall lose our country& independence one more time. Then it'll be obvious: Jews are not fit to have our own Land!!!
15. 200 wise men
rolf ,   holland   (05.28.16)
the saddest about the comments is that these 200 brave men are pictured as traitors. israel is an a miserable state. bibi is only fighting for his own best, liberman is and will be a simple doorman, the coalition is a stain of shame for the jewish people. and the comments we read are those of ignorants. how for heaven's sake can bibi be supported after losing all credibility of being able to run the complicated political situation which in fact is just a lost case for him. these 200 are realists and potential peacemakers which cannot be said of the fanatics who attack them. let us hope for ya'alon, lapid, livni, herzog to soon take over. the sooner the better! bibi must recognize that his time is over.
16. #12 Our leaders might not be perfect, but...
Harri ,   EU   (05.28.16)
Our leaders don't fool around the world fighting unnecessary wars, bombing other nations and making lots of enemies, like US and Israel. I like US and Israel, but I hope that there will never be as foolish leaders like G.W.Bush or Netanyahu. Fortunately Netanyahu is not in a position where he could muddle more than Israeli neighborhood. Bush dropped Afghanistan and Iraq into hands of Iran. By using inept diplomacy Netanyahu is doing the same for Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon... along with loosing Israel into hands of Palestinians by making two state solution impossible.
17. Yo, me and 400 of me Homies have even a better Plan!!
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