Russia to return Israeli tank captured 34 years ago
Jonathan Benedek/TPS
Published: 29.05.16, 18:14
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1. keep the tank return the bodies
zionist forever   (05.29.16)
The return of an outdated tank is no big deal so Putin can keep that if he wants it what would make a real difference is if the bodies of the soldiers who crewed that tank were returned.
2. Grieving parents say Kaddish over a TANK??? ...
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (05.29.16)
Agree with Zionist Forever: Return the SOLDIERS to their Respectful Resting Place - Am Yisrael.
3. Keep davening for our boys
Barry Jacobson ,   NY   (05.30.16)
Zechariah Shlomo ben Miriam Baumel Yekutiel Yehudah Nachman ben Sara Katz Tzvi ben Peninah Feldman
4. somewhat bizarre news item
Cameron ,   USA   (05.30.16)
Tank fated to be some sort of memorial?
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