Avigdor Lieberman sworn in as defense minister
Moran Azulay
Published: 30.05.16, 21:07
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1. leiberman at defense revisited
jay   (05.30.16)
arabs conducted terror and were not dissuaded except when a few generals lowered the boom. then they understood. sharon, eitam, dagan. they ignored yaalon, gantz and netanyahu and butchered israelis. now nasrollah says lieberman is crazy and course. zoabi knows that lieberman controls mlitary power at defense. abbas all know is scared to death of leiberman as is odeh who marched against his appointment. the arab street is waing on lienemran and is nervous. so maybe this appointmnet will work . leiebrman does not have military epxeriecne but he kow hos to fight, has the instincts of putin who all arabs fear. let us see what happens.
2. Prophecy right on time
Suzan Graszi ,   Jazen, Rome   (05.30.16)
Gog and Magog it's war machine will take us to the epilogue. Leiberman, Netanyahu are from a place called Magog. Prophecy right on time.
3. We are now entering
Raptor   (05.30.16)
the darkest days of our history, We have had great leaders from King David to BG, we have had great military strategist and heros who have saved our skin, from Yehuda Hamaccabi to Moshe Dayan, Raphul and Arik. We also have had our Bar Kochbas and our Lavons. There is little or no connection today between the people and their leaders, there is total disconnection between the two. It is very sad.
4. what has yaalon done at defense and strategic minnister
meir   (05.30.16)
yaalon voted against the iran hit, led an anemic campaign by gantz who was passive, did not deter arabs from terror who had no fear of him, and bought into bibi's half measuress. yet as a soldier, like ehud barak, he did some very good things.but a manager he is not. like barak he hit empty fields for the most part in cracking down on hamas. let someone else try at defense.even if the aat person has little military eperience, like lieberman or herzog, he must have a fighters' instinct be calm under fire. lieberman has strong nerves whereas herzog becomes hySTERICAL AS DOES BIBI AS WELL. and barak, the hiippocrite says bibi has become fascist yet her ser ved under bibi and worse, he endorsed herzog who is a military wimp. so much for he
5. speaking in allegory no more.
And if Abbas asking for East Jerusalem as their capital we have Lieberman too to asked, which East Jerusalem? Because we have two Jerusalem. And if Parisians don't know why thunder and lightning over their city, they better ask Abbas not to speak in metaphor about East Jerusalem any more. French people cannot offer any part of Heavenly Jerusalem to Abbas and his people with their gods.
6. tic toc goes the clock, MofD Lieberman u have 48 hrs 2 bring
our deceased ,   soldiers home!   (05.30.16)
7. Minister of Defense Mr. Lieberman said:
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (05.31.16)
that within 48 hours of his entering the office he will have secured the return of the bodies of our Israeli from Gaza. with all due respect, Minister of Defense Mr. Lieberman, the clock is running down...we are waiting to see what will happen regarding this matter.
8. Lieberman & PM must not forget
C   (05.31.16)
international actors cannot define the borders of sovereign states nor create new sovereign states. whatever demands will be made by the nations at the paris conference, those demands cannot be enforced against the will of the sovereign jewish state. obviously, the nations can and will continue to plot against the jewish state. they will continue to incite against the jewish state and indeed against jews within their own territories through ngo's and the media. they will continue to blame israel for islamic terror not realising that such incitement goes against their own national security interests.
9. Lieberman @ Defense: Israel's slowly going down the tubes
Rafi ,   US   (05.31.16)
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