Jewish presence in Jerusalem in 2014 on the increase, study shows
Yael Friedson
Published: 01.06.16, 19:04
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1. Israel must offer to pay their fares for boats to EU
Alan ,   SA   (06.01.16)
2. Jews; keep up the good work in the bedrooms!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.01.16)
Judea and Samaria Jews have one of the highest birth rates in the Western World. The really good news is that the rest of Israeli Jewry is catching up with them.
3. Jews have more emigration though
Shlomo ,   Tel Aviv   (06.01.16)
Lots of Jews leave Jerusalem because housing prices are high. Arabs don't leave because if they do they'll lose residency and social benefits. So with equal birthrates, the % of Jews would still decrease.
4. demographics - don't be complacent
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (06.01.16)
Even if current birthrates seem to be in favor of the Jewish population, not all of these young people remain in Jerusalem, leaving the city due to lack of realistic housing and job options. So the demographic concerns are still an issue.
5. Job options?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.02.16)
In hotel staffs, public works, Jerusalem, Jews are outnumbered by Arabs. However in the meantime, bunches of shtreimel wearing schnorrers are roaming through the city
6. Israel's exploding Jewish population growth
samuel tayar ,   Montreal   (06.02.16)
Did you bother to read the article? At this growth rate the arabs will represent but a small percentage of Israel's population within 10-15 years. maybe it would be prudent to start packing and join your brothers migrating to countries willing to accept them, albeit temporarily.
7. Oh is it a competition?
Yoni   (06.02.16)
Swell the numbers , what a reason to bring a child in to this world. Jerusallem has become a hot bed of fanatism and not safe
8. Keep on lovin' & don't read leftist demographics! Time is on
our side, yes it is....
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