Israel 'engaging' with ICC over Gaza war crimes inquiry
Published: 03.06.16, 15:53
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1. Good Move
Ed ,   USA   (06.03.16)
The entire Goldstone mess could have been avoided if Israel would have cooperated with international inquiries instead of giving the UN the finger. The international investigations only exist to step in place if it can be shown that the local government did not fully investigate and take the charges seriously. While not perfect, Israel has investigated and at times held soldiers responsible for errors. A mature and responsible Israeli govt would show the international community it takes these things seriously, which would then leave the ICC only looking at Hamas for war crimes investigations which would certainly be justified.
2. No ICC in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Tibet, Venezue
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.03.16)
3. ICC investigating real, Muslim crimes? A joke, right?
4. ICC investigation:another attempt to destroy the Jewish stat
C   (06.03.16)
the nations continue on their unrelenting goal to destroy the jewish state. in that,they will fail. the sovereign jewish state of israel will survive and prosper despite all attempts to destroy her. regarding the icc, this court has no jurisdiction over the sovereign jewish state. israel never agreed to or signed the rome treaty which would grant such jurisdiction. the non-state actor of the palestinian authority cannot have jurisdiction declared. the rome treaty applies solely to sovereign states.
5. Israel Maturing
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.04.16)
Israeli politicians are maturing, some. During the 2014 operation, Netanyahu used the "they made me do it" justification for wiping out whole neighborhoods. Now he is taking it a bit more seriously. Apparently, most talkbacks on Jerusalem Post are sticking with, Hamas did it so whatever happened is justified. That is the "Two Wrongs Do make it Right" argument. Whole neighborhoods were wiped out. Lots of children died at the end of laser guided munitions aimed at them. Children and journalists were deliberately targeted.
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