Comptroller calls supposed report leak criticizng Netanyahu 'extremely inappropriate'
Elizaphan Rosenberg
Published: 06.06.16, 15:20
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1. 500 Jewish children murdered in 2014... Imagine
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.06.16)
Op Protective Edge would be a war crime if the children murdered were Jews, it would become scripture, repeated for thousands of years, to justify more land theft in Arab world.
2. shapira like winograd shines a light
jere   (06.06.16)
shapira report is important not so much on the elements needed to win a war which accountants and lawyers do not know, but a simple accounting on the administration of the war. winograd showed clearly that olmert, the crook admired by haaretz and ynet, was competeley out of his depth and had no idea on how to fight a war. similarly halutz and peretz were total flogs not in the initial phases but in the counter hezbollah strategy. ie when the rockets kept coming, the idf needed to consider closing down lebanon power, fuel, communications, and hezbollah headquarters needed to be cut off totally and invasion in full from several directions using softerning and suppression and asymmmetrics including local arabs as shields had to be considered. Likewise, if the reports of shapira are accurate, gantz was passive and in error on tunnels, bibi basically had little idea and sat at the table saying yes and no, instead of looking at maps like sharon in the field and say to the commanders, and yaalon for all of the praise seems to be a small commando operation guy like ehud barak, not large battles. he had to be pushed by bennett and lieberman to take the tunnels and that is a fact that israelis know. bibi is very similiar to olmert and herzog in that he simply does not know how to fight and has no fighter's instinct.
3. Obama admin is to blame
Tammy Metungtee ,   Paris   (06.06.16)
I blame the US for any and all leaks that causes drama for Israel. The obama admin hacked and rehacked every gov on the planet and is causing mayhem and destruction globally.
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