Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
A terror attack next door to the IDF headquarters
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 09.06.16, 17:59
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1. Confused As Usual
AConfusedMediaElite ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.10.16)
This columnist is like his colleagues in the media confused as are the rest of us but presents himself as an "expert" like his colleagues he has never seen any of the Intifadas or wars coming only after the facts, he and they are at the BOTTOM of the "LIKES" when it comes to believable balanced journalism in Israel
2. at check points
khaled ,   jerusalem   (06.12.16)
at first they were alert for the security for the main purpose after many years it is a routin job
3. Also Next to Leftist "Cinematique"
LeftistHolyofHolies ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.16)
What irony it is just across the street from the main meeting Peace Demos of the Israeli Left at the Cinamatique which is the show place for Anti Israel films and considered the "Leftist Temple" The Eternally Naïve Left - no hope for them
4. Across the street from Leftist Icon
Cinamteque"Temple" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.12.16)
The columnist forgot to mention the Elephant in the living room , across the street was THE most important Left Wing Political Icon the Cinematique famous for its leftist Peace Demos and anti Israeli Film Fests yes it took place in the heart of the Leftist Tel Aviv Elite Bubble
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