Opinion  Smadar Perry
Strangling Nasrallah
Smadar Perry
Published: 12.06.16, 19:49
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1. Strangling Nasrallah - I like the sound of that
Conroy ,   Toronto   (06.13.16)
First we got to find the mole hole he's living in. Can I do honors?
2. karma exists
lebanese expat   (06.13.16)
they did a lot of stuff to people
Tel Aviv Tom ,   USA   (06.13.16)
The US should cut all ties with Lebanese banks. Hezbollah has it's dirty paws in all aspects of Lebanese government and finances. It is a government within a government. Black listing the banks from SWIFT and other financial institutions will send a powerful notice. Also blacklist any country or company giving material and financial support or to Hezbollah. That could be congresses way of subverting Obama on the Iran sanctions matter and it will piss off the Ayatollahs that see Hezbollah as an extension of it's regional clout. Cherry picking here and there will not work. It has to be all or nothing.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.15.16)
There is no state called Lebanon. Israel fighting Iran on someone else's backyard. Calling the country Lebanon is an insult to the innocent poor Lebanese who have been enslaved by Iranian petrol money. The rest is just typical garbage that we all know about.
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