PM's Office: US missile defense assistance will increase
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.06.16, 14:45
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1. Thank God for Obama. Israel, AIPAC and the jewish lobby
American Vet   (06.15.16)
has too much influence in America. It is embarrassing that America is supporting an racists regime and illegal state.
2. Problem in reaching for your own wallet?
Cameron ,   USA   (06.15.16)
3. re: American Vet
Bruce ,   New York, USA   (06.15.16)
Dear American Vet, I suppose the USA is an illegal state since all its land was taken through force and genocide from the indigenous Native Americans, by white Europeans. And racist ? You, as an American, should not call the kettle black, given America's record in slavery, genocide and rape against blacks and current day offenses against black America and other people of color. And by the way, Israel is a majority people of color from Israel and the entire middle east and Africa. It is the ONLY country I know of that sought out, actually wanted, black Africans to come to Israel. People like you hide your anti-semitism via anti-zionism. Shame on you. Come out of the closet and call yourself what you are - a Jew hater.
4. Waste of time and money ,...
split ,...   (06.15.16)
This program is going to end up just like the Lavi fiasco ,... Get a job, Bibi ,...
5. #1 ISIS Vet. Thanking Obama for putting you Jihadis on map?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.15.16)
6. Obama should think very carefully
C   (06.15.16)
it is a given that obama hates israel. nevertheless he should think very carefully. hezbollah, iran's terror proxy, has at leat a hundred thousand missiles pointed at all parts of israel. without adequate missile defence, the loss of life in israel would be horrific, aass would the destruction of crucial infrastructure. the response from israel would lead to the destruction of lebanon. obama would not want this to be part of his crumbling legacy. genocide in syria, sexual slavery of young yadizi girls, the barabarity of the islamic state, all are already part of his legacy. the media will not be able to save him from the judgment of history
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