Lieberman's first trip as defense minister: DC on Saturday
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 15.06.16, 22:04
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1. USA-USSR destroyed Nazism WW2
Zola   (06.16.16)
Just as the USSR and USA destroyed Nazism in WW2 now Russia still the bulk of the USSR in Land Mass and the USA ought unite against all the NeoFascists and the USA and Russia have the Power .
2. US Cannot Afford It
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.16.16)
The US Congress has cut all spending save food aid to the poor and medical care. and refuses to even raise the money to pay for what it does spend. Added money for Israel's white elephant projects when US-made products are available for free makes no sense. Israel has about 50 of the US anti-rocket systems rotting in Israeli warehouses. And the US system even works on mortars, for pennies compared the Iron Dome costs. Israel should raise its own taxes rather than ask America's poor to starve.
3. galilee is palestine
manny   (06.16.16)
herzog wants to make concessions to abbas whose people say galilee is palestine. herzog is unfit for the pm job, a weak, insecure jew with no fight in him. in the middle east, weakness is fatal. with due respect to egypt, 2 state will only cause more war not less. israel should not be supporting herzog lapid livni since they all subscribe to failed poliices of olmert and peres. lapid is no messiah with his lousy failed shin bet ex peri who ushered in oslo which killed and maimed many israelis. like halevi, his prescriptions for peace are useless.
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