Israel to build underground wall around Gaza Strip
Nahum Barnea
Published: 16.06.16, 10:29
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1. wasted money-barlev line
dan ,   kfar sava   (06.16.16)
How deep? This is like a wall to prevent rocket attacks. The second problem is water. What will happen to underground streams and the aquifer?
2. Fence
Janet W ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.16)
And it is only fitting that we do it with the cement we were going to allow into Gaza for 'reconstruction'.
3. underground wall around Gaza Strip
mark ,   uk   (06.16.16)
can someone explain why not fill the underground with sea water or sewage cheaper and quicker
4. "...and hold on to them for a day or two"
TC   (06.16.16)
Does he believe he has a 6 years old team in front of him?
5. Every concentration camp / prison should have a wall.
The other   (06.16.16)
6. So: nothing learned from the Chinese, eh? Idiots we are!
7. under ground wall
noel eliscu ,   Boscobel USA   (06.16.16)
So they will be build their tunnels deeper. There is only one or two ways to protect Israel. Try and change their political ideology or destroy them all.
8. #5: What an idiotic statement....
9. explosive and poisonous gas
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.16)
Why not pump explosive and poisonous gases in the tunnels that are discovered and kill anyone who enters them???
10. Nudnik
Abbushuki ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.16)
What's to prevent them from cutting through the concrete with a concrete drill?
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