Right and left-wing MKs join forces to limit Israeli sales of weapons abroad
Amichai Atali
Published: 20.06.16, 13:17
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1. This should be easy to evade...
Shep ,   Memphis   (06.20.16)
Hats off to a bi-partisan effort to promote Israel's moral compass. With that said, all Israeli arms dealers have to do is set up dummy corporations in countries that they can sell arms to and then those dummy companies can export the Israeli arms around the world.
2. Human rights record?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.20.16)
Your entering a slippery slope, beware for the Arabs or others will say the same ( even though not true ) of Israel and want to purchase Israeli weapons. Is this what you really want? War, like most enterprise is a business and why should Israel be denied business? Scrutinize each proposed purchase and know that if Israel doesn't sell weaponry to one nation, another will denying Israel $$.
3. Every time I think I begin to see a clear line of thinking
in our government's policy, something like this comes along... WHAT the F...?! Human rights records??? Weapons sales being "morally defensible"? On WHAT level?! What is this unholy pact between Meretz & Glick?! I think I'll shoot myself. This is getting too much for my pretty, blonde head....
4. restricting Israeli weapon exports
tiki ,   belgium   (06.20.16)
Only countries with a good human rights record will get Israeli weapons. The rest of the warmongering countries will be supplied by America, Russia, GB, France, Germany, Italy a.o. Only Jews can come up with such an idiotic idea!
5. innocent civilians
US citizen ,   US   (06.20.16)
What deception. Chad, Congo, Kenya, S Sudan are not fighting innocent civilians and Colmbia, Honduras are fighting among themselves If we are going to merchandize killing humans, compare human rights of the ones being fought versus the ones buying Israeli equipment.Is life so dear and peace so sweet to be purchased at the cost of chains?(Patrick Henry) When gun laws are initiated in US more humans(US citizens) will die.
6. Glick
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (06.20.16)
Never underestimate the creativity of a wing nut. Look who is happy United States: 31%
Russia: 27%
China: 5%
Germany: 5%
France: 5%
U.K.: 4%
Spain: 3%
Italy: 3%
Ukraine: 3%
Israel: 2% 10 countries that export the most weapons
7. This idiocy could destory Israel's arms industry
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.20.16)
Followed to its logical conclusion, this idiocy would destroy the Israeli arms industry. Who is to judge which nations have a good human rights record? Israel is constantly criticized by the U.N. for her supposedly bad human rights record. It is all rubbish, but it demonstrates how subjective and worthless such judgements are.
8. Israel cannot afford to be choosy
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.20.16)
9. Weapon restrictions
lazerbenabba ,   London, UK   (06.20.16)
That is highly commendable but hardly going to matter in the world scheme of things....US, UK, France, Russia all the major suppliers of sophisticated military hardware to all and every basket case dictator...Saudi, Syria, Iran, Iraq just to name the 4 most dreadful annihilators of human rights across the entire sphere of humanity.
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