Secret minutes of Yemenite children affair to be published
Tova Tsimuki, Amichai Atali, Ron Boker
Published: 22.06.16, 13:09
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1. Extraordinary protection for the perpetrators...
Kev ,   US   (06.22.16)
... and none for the families who are the victims.

" need to remove any personal information, revealing the names of children, or where they were sent so as to protect their right to privacy."

Right. This is exactly the information that the families whose children were stolen are seeking, so that they can be reunited with their children.
2. En Manos
Arnold   (06.22.16)
These revelations will highlight a truly unfortunate, embarrassing and shameful episode for the early State of Israel.

There is nonetheless, a careful balance to be struck between internal soul searching, apologies & reparations for past inequities and the unfortunate effect of same to the reputation of Israel. As much as it is a good thing that the truth outs and as the book says "tzedek tzedek tirdof", and as much as we can say, look at our clean hands and hearts...

This will be used as another stick for the anti-zio brigade with which to beat Israel.

"See how those Ashkenazi colonists treat the poor African immigrants, just like they did with the Ethiopians (blood transfusions and contraception scandals)." They will say.

Israel is in a no win situation here. In view of this, I hope rather than expect that the releases can be handled in a careful and dignified manner rather than the usual feeding frenzy.

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