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Male victims of sexual assault speak out, are focus of new exhibition
Noam Barkan
Published: 25.06.16, 11:44
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1. Women can be preditators too why not cover this ?
WomenPreditors ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.16)
There are countless stories of males being forced to have
sex with their female superiors in work situations that go
unreported if not they lose their jobs or have to leave as that
is the end of their career and also not covered here the
false charges of rape by women that ruin men's lives ...?!!
"Sexual Harassment " is abused by many women also ruining many a man;s
life ,
Todays average secular female "teen" can be very predatory and scheming
many young boys are trapped in an unwanted marriage because
of such female predators.
2. My heart goes out
Donn Gross ,   Caldwell, NJ   (06.29.16)
I recall when the news broke in the US about the Priest's abuse of boys. These men were around my age and I felt so sorry that their avenue to G-d had been so disturbed if not blocked to them by their abusers. It is so shameful and disturbing that this has gone on in our own household and to our brothers.

There are all kinds of abuse mental and physical. We must always remember that the problem is not the one abused...rather the biggest problem is the abuser! They are half baked problematic individuals who must prey upon the kind and the helpless.

My heart and my prayers go out to those abused.
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