News  40 years since Entebbe
Operation Entebbe as told by the commandos: Heading to Uganda
Ronen Bergman, Lior Ben-Ami
Published: 28.06.16, 23:59
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1. So, in order to forget Turkey we must remember Entebbe?
2. The way it has gone downhill for us since then, only makes
me think it was just a dream. This is not Israel, no way: just look at our sorry ass now! Ah yes, we've got money now....
3. This is not the real story......
Adrian Weiszman ,   Montevideo   (06.29.16)
This is the story of a picture, not what happened.
The story that I was told from somebody who was there, when after 35 years he was allowed to talk about it was totally different....
The first bullet was for Ioni, there was no surprise, the Ugandan, and the Mercedes plan didnĀ“t have success. The mission was a success, but not the Mercedes plan. He shot the 18 years old guard who previously shot Ioni and killed him....and up today he is affected for being killed a young boy......

4. The raid on Entebbe was so fantastic.
Rivkah   (06.29.16)
It is well to remember it and watch the movie again and again. How wonderful that the brother of Joni Netahyahu is the PM. The thankfulness of Israel to the Netanyahu family is fantastic to honor the brother of this great hero of the raid on Entebbe.
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