Bennett to oppose agreement with Turkey
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.06.16, 11:05
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1. Gazprom, Noble Energ, Delek, Woodside Petroleum
Avi L.   (06.28.16)
Who is going to benefit from this deal?

Is this deal built on the "new economy" of public loses and private earning?

Are we becoming a frayerim country thank to this kind of deals?

October 15 2015 Dear Leader Bibi and Tzar Putin agreed to allow major concessions for Gazprom to develop the Leviathan reserves, and guess who actually controls Gazprom?

Is on this that we are allowed to strike into Syria?

Government is answerable to the people who elect and pay for it, we are not yet subjects of a king.
2. more tap dancing on the Lochsen Kugel!
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (06.28.16)
If Minister of Education and the Diaspora Mr. Bennett REALLY opposed this agreement he would leave the government!
He's not leaving? Then all he's doing is posturing, posing and getting ready to tap dance on the Lochsen Kugel!
3. if they were serious they would resign from the government!
Israela ,   Israel   (06.28.16)
Sadly the only thing they are serious about is holding on to their chairs! We are this government's cannon fodder!
This deal is worse than Oslo not only did we give them the guns we have also given them money and legitimization for their terrorist behavior!
Such a wonderful Prime Minister we have?
4. Why not throw in some murderers.......
History nut ,   Israel   (06.29.16) sweeten the deal for khamas and the rest of those that want to destroy Israel. It is putrid to give money to those collaborating with murderers. Don't call it taxes anymore. Call it blood money.
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