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Haredi parties threaten PM to cancel Western-Wall agreement
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 29.06.16, 23:59
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1. Being able to vote does not make an opinion valid
M. Edward Triefler ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (06.30.16)
There are times when distance gives one the ability to see clearly; as the Idiom and Phrases prove ‘at times one can't see the forest for the trees.’ Being able to vote, does not convey wisdom or understanding. As a third generation Jew, living in the US has demonstrated by deed, that idiots can vote, Obama and Trump are living proof.
2. Our talebans reneging on their own word, how strange
Avi L.   (07.02.16)
Our local talebans reneging on their own word, how strange.

We don't need to look for Erdogan to be lied to!
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