Teenage girl killed, man hurt in Kiryat Arba stabbing attack
Elisha Ben-Kimon, Elior Levy
Published: 30.06.16, 10:56
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1. Arab terrorists are not plain terrorists
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (06.30.16)
In the civilized sense of the word. They kill whoever they can of their foes (children and babies included), and thus are not different from other beasts like lions or venomous snakes. Fortunately, the reaction in Israel when they attack is usually proper.
2. never trust the palestians and arabs in general.
George D. Seiph ,   georgedseiph@gmail.c   (06.30.16)
their blood thirsty god is always encourage them to kil innocent people all over the worjd, wherever they are found, they are murderers and they commit such crimes in the name of allah, shame on them!
3. Racist Murderer
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (06.30.16)
This awesome young girl has been butchered in her bed for no reason other than that she was Jewish
End the racism by these murderous barbaric Arabs now
4. 13 year old
EDDIE ,   cape town   (06.30.16)
My sympathies.

Parents must be responsible for behaviour of their children no matter how old they are-even if they are 30 years old or until they are married and have children
5. Religion of peace
Bar   (06.30.16)
Another great show by the religion of peace.
6. The settlements need better security
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (06.30.16)
Dogs are a fine source for warning as are geese.
The loss of a precious girls life cannot be tolerated.
Israel needs the death penalty for pal terrorists.
"An eye for an eye
a tooth for a tool
a life for a life."
By not having the death penalty, this sort of mindless terror will continue.
7. y crop out the rest of Temple Mount?
Israela ,   Israel   (06.30.16)
Is cropping out Temple mount in the photo of the late Hillel Yafa Ariel and her family Ynets contribution to getting us to see only the victim?
She became a victim because of her parents twisted ideology...they and not anyone else are to blame for her death.
8. Re:6 u r missing the point made by every settler...
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (06.30.16)
"because the settlements are there, we in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hadera, & Haifa are safer. We settlers are the protectors of Israel."

9. how'd the terrorist get in? unlocked door? open window?
israel ,   Israel   (06.30.16)
These people live in enemy territory but they are always irresponsible and Pollyanna about personal safety...
they send their kids out to hitchhike and then are surprised when they get kidnapped and murdered...
and they leave their front doors unlocked for terrorists to walk in...
then they demand that the IDF protect them!
it is sad but they don't see a way to helping themselves only to blaming others!
10. # 8 - Jews in Judea?
Avi L.   (06.30.16)
Don't worry Sally, they killed us even before 1948, they killed us even before that, when Jews liberated Judea in 1967.

They'll want to kill us until they stop believing in "some book" who tell them that we are inferior and whenever we "dare" not to be their subject we show "arrogance", "arrogance" which is contrary to their world view, mainly that they have to take over the whole world the way they took over Constantinople, Spain (Andalus) and so on.

When, in 2000, they had the chance to get back Judea, Samaria, Gaza in exchange for peace we had one of the worst wave of attacks on civilians of Israel history. In order to stop it we had to make them understand that it wasn't worth for the price was to high for them to pay.

Guess what? The world condemned us for defending ourselves.

Sorry, but this is the sad reality, and believing otherwise means to embrace their panarabic declaration of Khartoum when they declared that the mere existence of Israel is a menace to world peace, no less. So we are what rest between war and peace?

If you wanna buy into it it's your choice.
11. #7 - The attack in Natanya too?
Avi L.   (06.30.16)
The attack in Natanya too? The culprit was their fathers (and mothers) "twisted ideology" to live in Israel, on the coast, not even in Judea and samaria?

Or were they simply guilty of being Jews?
12. Teenager wasn't "killed", she was "murdered" in her bed
Daria   (07.01.16)
13. It's now time for peace
George D. Seiph ,   Mtwara, Tanzania   (09.06.18)
Killing does not heal. It's now the high time for Israelis and Palestinians to live peacefully side by side. If wars and murders were solution to Palestine and Israel would not be enemies any more. Let's opt peace because wars and fights have failed to bring to us any hope for peace.
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