Mother of slain girl: 'Here's one last hug from mom'
Ynet reporters
Published: 30.06.16, 21:23
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1. Expel the Arabs from Judea/Samaria
andy ,   UK   (06.30.16)
Israel needs to expel all the Arabs form Judea/Samaria and annex. This is the one state solution
2. Peace to Israel
José Cruz ,   Northridge   (06.30.16)
My condolences to the family I cry every time I see this things especially to children innocent who ever do this crime need to be removed God bless all of you people of Israel
3. Pathetic
mike north ,   karmiel israel   (06.30.16)
President Rivlin says we should uproot those who dispatch the terrorists.
How about acting on those words!You know who dispatched the terrorists to Munich-he hasn't been uprooted.
Gaza is laughing at the "agreement" with Ankara-how much of those millions of dollars will make their way to Hamas.What is wrong with our government?

The spectacle of Zoabi's performance in the knesset yesterday was pathetic.She puts the government to shame taking advantage of free speech .The Knesset members acted like schoolchildren ranting and raving.

Find a legal way to get rid of this traitor.
The world must have had a good laugh watching.
4. a locked front door, would have given them a better day!
PP6032 ,   here   (06.30.16)
let that be a lesson to you...locked doors save lives
5. Build a new city named for her. Her name will live forever.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.30.16)
Muslims name streets and parks after murderers. Israelis are forced to name places after the murdered. Let's build a new town, if need be, right on top of the town where the killer lived. That town should be erased from memory.
6. A hero ???
Alain Bigio ,   Sao Paulo   (07.01.16)
Deport the mother who thinks her son is a hero for stabbing a girl in her sleep.
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