Shooting attack at family car kills father, wounds mother and two children
Ynet reporters
Published: 01.07.16, 15:22
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1. Waiting until after Shabboth. Is he serious?
History nut ,   Israel   (07.01.16)
If it is serious enough for the cabinet then why wait?
MAYER ,   NEW YORK   (07.01.16)
By not having the meeting on shabbos you are making the biggest chilul shabbos you can make

its a shame that you know what to do but you are afraid to act as a proud jew

Robert ,   Israel   (07.01.16)
I think Israel should make Palestinian muslim lives even more controlled than what they think they already are. It is not possible that in our own country we can not drive or walk safely; nor can we live safely inside our own homes while Palestinian Muslims move freely inside Israel. Something is not working properly here. Too much thinking about what the World will say if we really use Force to protect ourselves. Take advise from Putin. He can really teach us how to put things in order and cares nothing about what others would say or think. Never forget that A STITCH IN TIME, SAVES NINE.
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