The $30 billion (or more) question: Why is the US military aid package so important?
Itamar Eichner
Published: 02.07.16, 23:42
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1. Obama is being petulant and vindictive
C   (07.03.16)
obama is attempting to seriously damage israel's defense industries.
he is attempting to restrict israel's offensive capabilities by denying the use of aid for jet fuel.
furthermore, obama wants to tie the hands of future presidents and congress by forcing netanyahu to sign an agreement in which israel would be bound not to negotiate any future supplemental aid with a new us administration.
netanyahu should not sign an agreement whose major purpose is once again to humiliate and blackmail.
2. US Budget & Tax Environment - Part 1
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (07.03.16)
Eichner (the writer) explained that Biden clued in Netanyahu about the US budget and tax environment. But apparently no Israeli reporter got clued in by Netanyahu.

In 2001, the US budget was in surplus. So the new administration decided that paying down the US debt was unacceptable, cut the US tax income, and started to plunge the US into multi-trillion dollar deficits. The tax reduction was supposed to be temporary. In 2008, the world's economies collapsed and the hyper-partisan divide grew to epic proportions. By 2011, the impasse led to a shutdown of the US government and near default of the US government on its national debt.

3. US Budget & Tax Environment - Part 2
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (07.03.16)
Finally a compromise was agreed, no new taxes, no new spending that is not paid for by eliminating spending elsewhere. No cuts to healthcare or pensions to pay for any new spending. Ten percent cuts annually in all other spending, including the Defense Department. (US defense spending is now down 50% from 2011 levels. The old tax cuts were made permanent.

FMF comes out of the US Defense budget. Raise it and US defense is cut.
4. #2,3. Your repeated expressions of love for Obama is boring
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.03.16)
5. to make israel a super-puppet
ironbutterfly   (07.04.16)
the bigger the "package" the bigger power of washington over this mini-state.
Today washington's target Syria, tomorrow is Egypt. And israel together with another puppet, Turkey, will be doing the dirty work.
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