IDF demolish terrorists' homes, arrest brothers of Hallel Ariel's killer
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 04.07.16, 10:20
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1. Acts of War
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (07.04.16)
Home demolition is an act of war against civilians. Some civilians fought back and got shot for their trouble. The war has been ongoing for 50 years in the West Bank.
2. demolishing homes?
megisto ,   miami florida usa   (07.04.16)
It would be better to deport to Jordan the entire family, and gift the house to the family of the jew who was attacked.
3. If Israel demolished every pal terrorist home
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.04.16)
there wouldn't be any left.
For each illegal and violent pal hovel
destroyed by Israel we all cheer.
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