Netanyahu in Entebbe: 'When Yoni was killed, our world collapsed'
Moran Azulay, Omri Efraim
Published: 04.07.16, 15:51
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1. world fell apart
morry   (07.04.16)
bibi's world fell apart with yoni being shot. We all sympathize. however, a 13 year old is stabbed to pieces in her bed yelling and you build 600 homes for arabs in east jerusalem???!! this is a reward for arab terrror. and you did it to placate obama to not yell at your buiding 800 homes for jews. you act like herzog with your weak knead concessions- it is sickening.

so why is this if you were a commando??? how could you be so weak so many times;only lieberman is giivng you some strength now. why is it. the facts appear that you were shot twice as a comando and on your own , I have not found one writeup of personal heroism. i believe you were never the soldier type-you seem like peretz and herzog to have no idea of how to attack and defend, none whatsoe ver. ynet should do an expose on what you did exactly as a commando. it would be very revealing. you still act like a helpless jew which is why you seriously considered bringing in herzog. the 2 of you go well together.

the rabbi who was shot and klled in front of his kids and his wife seriously wounded-familiy of terrorists shoujld all be arrested long ago as policy since terrorists care for their familiies.

the pacifist gene of israelis need to be rooted out. all the haredi need to go into the idf or police force. and all israelis able bodies with an oath to the state need to be armed eveyrwhere you go.

bibi is a walking weakling!
you have no clue-you are a raving weakling right to the bone.
2. Still today, the Leftist ghouls are kicking Yoni's corpse!
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