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Sde Dov Airport to be demolished
Gad Lior
Published: 06.07.16, 19:01
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1. 90% West Bank empty state land
dave ,   safet/phila   (07.11.16)
Israelis are losers who don't have the guts to annex the unoccupied land right around the corner
2. It's a silly move
heshy ,   Brooklyn ny   (07.24.16)
These apartments will not be affordable for average Israelis. They should spread out on the West Bank which would eliminate the world pressure to give up building for Jews. Once you have millions of Jews living in West Bank it becomes FACTS on the ground. It's easy to do. If Hillary comes in the building s over. She is worse than Obama. You think Obama was bad and did not let Jews build for ten months well Hillary won't let for four years. It's safer and smarter to build one or two family homes than big projects that if hit by a middle will kill many people. Give every Jew an acre of land at cheap price and require them to build a home within one year. You will see how fast israel is built. Let's hope Trump wins as he is putting two orthodox jewish lawyers to oversee israel. He wants them build unlike crooked Hillary.
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