German news network accuses Israel of teaching children to hate
Eldad Beck
Published: 10.07.16, 22:30
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1. Jewish/Muslim racists .... snap out of it
H ,   MTL   (07.11.16)
Both sides are taught to hate the other..Don't pretend Hamas and the Haredi don't teach hate.
Stop defending your sides blindly. Open your eyes and see the perspective of the other side before spewing hate.

Go ahead now, both sides, attack me for speaking logic that defies racism, or hopefully you think before you say hurtful and hateful things.

If anyone actually believes in a higher power, didn't that higher power create us all?
2. What is the problem with PMW?
Michael Holloway ,   United States   (07.11.16)
Could someone clue me in please? Palestinian Media Watch daily highlights horrific anti-semitic propaganda that's extensively and honestly quoted and copied, not distorted, and much of it does seem to be coming from Fatah and the PA. Yet the atrocities they reveal are seldom cited by anyone other than right wing sites and PMW is never mentioned. PMW seems to be treated like an embarrassing drunk uncle. Why is that? Their Wikipedia entry states that it's a right wing outfit, so maybe one has to be careful to not over interpret the data, but what they're reporting seems real. Just because PMW is right wing doesn't make the daily incitement and horror any less damning.
Germans in glass houses should not throw stones. Rather they should keep quiet.
4. Better to be sitting on a camel than behind a goat....
5. The German Judges of Humanity!
tiki ,   Belgium   (07.11.16)
Some Germans seem to think that because Merkel & friends let in 1.5 millions Muslims since last year to prove their humanity, that now is the time to slam the Jews.....again!

Germany, as the initiator of two global wars and a third one on the horizon, because of her dictatorial influence and murky business deals with Iran (the only country in the world openly declaring it's wish to eradicate Israel) & her anti Israel voting in international forums is the last one to give her opinion/judgement on anything which has to do with Jews or Israel.

We didn't forget! We never will!
Israel doesn't owe Germany or her media anything.....on the contrary!

When will Europeans finally learn to mind their own business?
The rest of the world will only profit from it!

European casualties of war & religion make the rest of the war mongers in the world dwarf, so Europe & Germania should know their place and be more modest in their judgement about humanity & education.

6. Feedom of expression as defined by Dictionary of Double-Talk
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.10.16)
Freedom to lie,defame and incite hatred.

7. Religous Bigotry
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.11.16)
Of course prejudice and bigotry exist on both sides...the important fact is the extent of it and the forms it takes...

In official education, in schools, on children's TV programs and so on, it appears only in Arabic.

In religious education the problem crops up on both sides, but then the Haredi, which you mention, have little to no influence on the majority of Israelis. Nor do they serve in the IDF, making their ability to act on their hatred nearly null. They are not terrorists, they do have limiting considerations (the Ten Commandments and such) and they are not generally activists.

See the difference?
8. Distortion of fact
Mon   (07.11.16)
This article is a distortion of what really happened. It is true that the ZDF aired a short clip (not documentary) called "Erzogen zum Hass" (Educated to hate) but the media commonly reported that there is no evidence in the reportage itself that Israel teaches children to hate, but rather a differentiated analysis of the different education programs in IL, the Palestinian territories and Gaza: "In dem Beitrag selbst findet sich kein Beleg dafür, dass in Israels Schulen Kinder verhetzt werden, sie zum Wunsch erzogen würden, Palästinenser zu töten. Allerdings wird angeprangert, dass die Palästinenser häufig negativ dargestellt würden. Die Schulbuchzeichnung eines Arabers wird dabei von einer Expertin als als eine Art „Ali Baba mit Kamel“ bezeichnet und als „rassistisch“ bewertet.". After german citizens complaint about the misleading title of the reportage it was changed. source:
9. On a camel ? No ? Ok then dressed as an astronaut !
Deavman ,   TA   (07.11.16)
10. ***ALL*** German tv-channels are antisemitic !!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.11.16)
NOTHING has changed since the times of Joseph Goebbels.
11. Typical in germany
Fritz Meier ,   Jon   (07.12.16)
ZDF is the biggest german Channel and also state owned!But thats normal...Everday you see on the german state channels(22 or more!)something about Hitler and about FIGHT AGAINS RIGHTWINGERS but when it came to Muslim Terrorists and/or Israel they made propaganda like 80years ago.
12. German Jew hatred was never defeated
C   (07.11.16)
germany was defeated militarily, but german racial superiority and jew hatred lives on.
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