IDF's chief rabbi-to-be permits raping women in wartime
Elisha Ben Kimon, Telem Yahav & Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 12.07.16, 10:24
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1. Why........
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (07.12.16)
Why is this disgusting racist misogynistic scum still "working" is his totally unnecessary job?
2. No!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.12.16)
Easy enough now to make excuses: "theoretical...and not..practical", so-called 'misinterpretation' of his words, etc.

The fact is that these words were written on a website and cannot be denied. He may claim that he meant otherwise, but he said what he said...

This man must not be permitted to be the chief rabbi of the IDF! He is a danger to the women serving today and future drafts of Orthodox boys alike.

Rape is wrong under any and all circumstances. He cannot excuse it by war time conditions!

He wants to 'clarify'? Let him tell the truth - he is a misogynist hiding behind convoluted religious rulings.
3. Enemy of the State
Avi L.   (07.12.16)
Enemy of the State like that "MP" who support terror.

Fire him
4. IDF Chief Rabbi to be
Gabriel ,   London   (07.12.16)
I propose that Col Eyal Karim is nominated to be the Chief Rabbi of DAESH (ISIS) who would be at home with his views on morality and tolerance. He has no place in the IDF.
5. Rabbi claims okay to rape women during wartime !
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.12.16)
It still seems to amaze me where the devil hides himself. And, to add to the sickness, this Rabbi is willing to advertise it. Devil - aren't you supposed to hide your evil ?
6. Despeakable you
Ali baba ,   Malibu, ca   (07.12.16)
He should join ISIS OR BOKA HARAM
Same mentality same logic same ideas
How can the IDF stand for this despeakable Moron .
7. A disgusting embarrassment
Dan   (07.12.16)
Israel, my country: if you let unspeakable medieval idiots like this represent you, or have any role in your national life at all, or if you fail to immediately and completely condemn him in the clearest terms, you are more suicidal as a nation than I imagined. How have you allowed yourselves to produce such ridiculous monsters? Be very ashamed, and do something about the collapse of your culture, before it's too late.
8. Demote him, sue him cut any state found
Avi L.   (07.12.16)
Demote him, sue him, cut any state found to any midrassah he happens to be collaborating with.

He is a disgrace to everybody, what is most astonishing is the IDF trying to minimize this whatever while prosecuting a soldier who killed a murderous terrorist.

Double standard due to the weight of "religious" lobby.

Disgusting, not even pondering the way all the Jew haters BDS/islamists/nazis (all same same) will use to slandering us.

9. Army Rabbi
Philip ,   northern Israel   (07.12.16)
Does this nutter represent the IDF values ? Get rid of him already.
10. Not surprised
Ky   (07.12.16)
It is a common feature of all cults, religious or political , to offer sexual incentives to their members as a reward for loyalty and blinkered vision.
11. Typical ynet distortion
David ,   New york   (07.12.16)
I know exactly what the rabbi was speaking about, and ynet (and these other political bozos) purposely distort what he said to try and make him look like an idiot. (Anyone who swallows a ynet headline hook line and sinker is indeed brain dead)
(The rabbi was talking about aishet yafat toar from the bible, something that is indeed theoretical)
12. Totally unacceptable!
Trude   (07.12.16)
It is totally not accepable to give a person with such opinions - in the past or now - a position where he is supposed to guide others. He has broken completely with the moral standards of the IDF and should not, no matter what, be given this position because of it. He is a bad example and not an example we want for our IDF. We are, as we speak, prosecuting an IDF soldier that shot a terrorist. Are we not going to stop others that suggest members of the IDF break other moral rules we pride ourselves to have - and follow?
13. ignorant slander
Shmuel ,   Jerusalem   (07.12.16)
giving a biblical precedent to outline a Jewish value has nothing to do with his opinion on this issue in Jewish law, which he was previously in charge of in the IDF rabbinate,
This is an extremely ignorant slander of an admired leader & previous commander of the paratrooper commando unit.
Shame on such shabby writing, no reason to actually ask the Rabbi is there?? just dig up some old dirt that sounds bad & trash him why not??
14. IDF secret
Bill   (07.12.16)
idf chief rabbis "Ok to kill gentile babies and civilians" " Ok to rape gentile women" "Ok to seize gentile property"

Most moral army in the world. You are delusional.
Samar ,   Mansoura   (06.21.17)
The lowest of the low!!!!! What about the difficulties and disastrous effects that will haunt the raped victims for the rest of their lives?!!!! How about permitting castrating the rabbi and his despicable soldiers instead?!!! Such pests should not be allowed to live and reproduce in our world!!!! ð゚リᄀð゚リᄀð゚ムハð゚ムハ
16. someone without a penis like u?
ilia ,   moscow   (04.11.19)
attractive gentile (ARYAN) women with pure blood kills ugly hookednosed mudbloods jews woith negro markers in their dna, lol.

17. genetics
ilia ,   they are all whores   (04.11.19)
their genetics is pure shit, what do u expect, morality from rats? lol.
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