IDF chief rabbi to-be apologizes for rape comments
Yoav Zitun
Published: 12.07.16, 15:37
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1. Ynet is about to get sued for libel by this Rabbi
Wait and See   (07.12.16)
Ynet blatantly lie, and this is why I'm sure they will be sued for libel, and will lose the lawsuit,
2. Waht? To be? To be fired! and prosecuted!
Avi L.   (07.12.16)
What? this thing is still the chef-rabbi to be?

Nothing to apologize, he is to be prosecuted.

Do we want to appear to the word at ISIS or taleban level? Is it to improve our negociation with Hamas?
3. Shame on us!
jrc ,   CA   (07.12.16)
We strongly condemn this behavior when our enemies engage in rape; we must maintain a higher standard. This man should not be holding a position of power in the IDF.
4. Anything But Rabbinical
Stephen ,   Palm Beach   (07.12.16)
Col. Karim's words evidence a lack of good judgment and of Torah law. Even the most ardent Torah observer would prohibit the actions he espouses for male soldiers. This is not an officer or Rabbi that the IDF can allow to serve in a leadership post whereby the ethical and morals standards/policies are within his authority.

We can "agree to disagree' on what levels of observance are necessary but we all agree that rape and misogynyare simply wrong.
5. Got to go
Haiya ,   Dallas   (07.12.16)
This guy has got to go. Period.
6. All of a sudden...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.12.16)
So suddenly he has changed his stance? In order to get the job!
Now he says that rape is wrong? But previously permitted...
Now he says that girls should serve in the IDF? But previously 'forbidden'.

This person, rabbi or not, doesn't know what the truth is! He will change anytime that is to his own convenience...

Is this the person we want as the chief rabbi in the IDF?
An emphatic NO! is the only possible answer.
7. Possible misinterpretation....
Froike ,   US NY   (07.12.16)
The Chumash states that in the heat of war, if a Jewish Soldier finds a Yefay Toar (beautiful woman) and is overcome with passion, he may take her as captive (inferred rape). He must shear her hair and nails and make her don unattractive clothing and allow her to mourn her parents for thirty days. After the 30 days, he may take her as a wife. However, this was during the time of the Judaic conquest of Eretz Yisrael. Wars of this type were ordained and sanctioned by G-d himself. No modern military action fits this category. Hence, it may be argued that this Bibical Ordinance no longer applies to modern warfare.
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