More controversial comments made by IDF chief rabbi to-be come to light
Etti Abramov
Published: 13.07.16, 09:29
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1. Ignorance
Daniel Lopez ,   Haifa   (07.13.16)
Etti Abramov is an ignoramus regarding Judaism!
She should be ashamed for using out of context things to attack a person that is much superior than her in knowledge.
She is the typical example of our third class press that cannot convince the people to vote for their ideas.
But it's good she shows herself and anti Jewish Ynet bringing the opportunity to explain Torah to people who who wouldn't ask if not!
2. Right wing regime atmosphere made it possible
ironbutterfly   (07.13.16)
Only under Right wing regime atmosphere this type of heinous "people" could exist.
3. Wow, how hard is this?
Vered, Israel   (07.13.16)
He's totally unfit to serve in a leadership position in the IDF.
4. Karim
Philip ,   northern Israel   (07.13.16)
Get rid of this nutter pronto, he does NOT represent IDF values.
5. Please check his comments in context!
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.16)
Historically, there has been a distinction between prominent rabbinic leaders in the Beit Midrash (rabbinic seminary) vs. those leading community congregations. The former relied on the "by the book" analysis, while the latter had to translate Jewish law to what needed to be practically done "tomorrow morning." I'm sure the candidate is a worthy rabbi, but the selection committee needs to decide how committed he is to the community model of "real-rabinic."
6. Dont take the Job
tony ,   Jeffreys Bay   (07.13.16)
What does he want the job for... he must be mad. Does he really think he can turn a Chilul HShem into a mitzvah. The army is against the 3 oaths and as such forbidden. So how does he expect anything he says to be taken. He will never be able to satisfy (not even a minority)... Give it up and go back to the Yeshivah where you work will be more appreciated.
7. Gross misjudgement
Sagi ,   Afula   (07.13.16)
Let me be absolutely clear, the CoS should reject/cancel this appointment immediately, if he does not then the PM and MoD should remove the CoS from his post.
This story has been reported in the European press and has caused immeasurable damage to Israel's image.
8. Still wondering if demoting him?
Avi L.   (07.13.16)
9. This will be the path
oliver ,   Israel   (07.13.16)
This will be the way it will carry on as long as Bibi and the right wing are in power
10. One judge of all of humanity
US citizen ,   US   (07.13.16)
and all of humanity stands guilty before He who is more than mere human.
11. A genuine ambassador of incivility
Nathan ,   Milano   (07.13.16)
12. Rabbi Karim
Philip Reinstein ,   Israel   (07.13.16)
If what you say is true, which I don't believe, he sounds a bit extreme, but I like that in the IDF Chief Rabbi. The IDF bureaucracy is all one way, Left. This Rabbi will offer something new, and I think better.The Rabbi knows the Jewish values that are worth fighting for, and which ideas are false - from the Jewish point of view. We learn our morals from the Rabbis and not the IDF High Command, like Yair Golan and Ya'alon. They are supposed to be our warriors, not our morality professors. Rabbi Karim is an excellent choice for IDF Chief Rabbi. He will biblical morality, with amendments of course, and I don't think there is a better source than the original materials where morality was invented.
13. When the society changes some values also change.
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv / israel   (07.13.16)
Very good that everything is now being discussed from the Jewish point of view.At the end of the day the aim is a more jewish society and state.
14. He is a babbling fool. Totally unqualified.
Roxanne ,   Haifa   (07.15.16)
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