'Hezbollah hasn't been stopped'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 13.07.16, 09:48
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1. Hezbolllah have morphed into a monster EVEN
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.13.16)
Iran are finding hard to control

There is the belief that for Hezbollah support in Syria they are OWED nothing less than Iranian support for Hezbollah take over of Lebanon

In addition the in joke is the Hezbollah Weapons Merrygoround

Iran delivers weapons through one door and they are smuggled out of the other door making VAST profits for the Hezbollah elite

Reports suggest that Nasrallah alone now has over $10bn in cash and assets for a rainy day (or in case he gets hungry)..

Is the Hezbollah Tail now controlling the Iranian Dog?

2. Let's al Nusra and ISIS take care of them
Avi L.   (07.13.16)
Let's al Nusra and ISIS take care of them destroying what's left of Assad, RG, Hezballah forces defending the Beeka valley.

Putin is interested in his bases in northern Syria and in checking islamists spreading from Turkey and Iran.

Weakened sunni/shia is in his own interest.
3. Cuban Missile Crisis redux
David ,   Hartford, USA   (07.13.16)
The USA was willing to go to war with Russia if Russia didn't pull its missiles from Cuba. Russia did the smart thing and took away the rockets. Hezbollah doesn't think rationally. They are motivated by jihad and regaining Israel for Dar al-Islam, the Land of Islam. For Israel to think that anyone, the UN or Santa Claus, can make Hezbollah destroy all those rockets, is dangerous delusional day-dreaming.

Israel and Israel alone is responsible for its security. If they have proof of tens of thousands of rockets, then it is up to Israel to find them and destroy them before they are used against her.

Even the USA, with Obama at the helm, will make preemptive strikes against Islamist psychopaths. Israel should do no less. I understand that Israel has to take the first 'hit' so that the world won't condemn it for protecting itself, but after that first attack by Hezbollah, Israel's response has to be cataclysmic and permanent: Hezbollah will be destroyed to the last rocket and to the last man. No more warnings, no 'knock-knock' bombs, just pure evisceration of a warped culture. Nasrallah can gloat from his cave, but any attack from Lebanon will result in southern Lebanon being turned into new Israeli land and Hezbollah will be just a bad memory.
DANNY TAWIL ,   GB   (07.13.16)
5. 'Hezbbollah hasn't been stopped"
C   (07.13.16)
the shia terror proxy hezbollah will not be stopped until its patron the shia terror regime of iran will be overthrown and replaced by a democracy that respects human rights and international laws.
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