Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority recommends early release for Katsav
Meir Turjeman, Yoram Yarkoni, Telem Yahav
Published: 14.07.16, 18:58
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1. Hopefully he will get his come-uppance
Disillusioned   (07.14.16)
and be reviled and reminded of the lowlife he is wherever and whenever he shows his ugly face in public.

Hopefully he will wish he was back, safe, in prison.

Another great victory for an appalling legal system.
2. From what I've read, there is no evidence Katsav is guilty
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.15.16)
I could be wrong, but from what I read, Katsav's trial was an absolute sham and there was no real evidence he committed the crime.
3. They "rehabilitated" his personality???
Bracha Meyerowitcz ,   Los Angeles   (07.15.16)
They "rehabilitated" his personality??? He has no more desire to rape??? Surely you jest.
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