EU UNESCO draft also disregards Jewish connection to Temple Mount
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.07.16, 10:35
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1. Perhaps after Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.15.16)
builds the "Third Temple" on the exact site they'll change their minds? f not who cares?
Any part of the UN EU are doomed to failure as their already starting to break apart.
2. Nice
Mark ,   United Kingdom   (07.15.16)
With events in Nice, and Paris earlier in the year, maybe Europe will get its head around fighting with murder and with resolutions.
3. The answer to the EU was given in Nice
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (07.15.16)
For ISIS it was not good enough that the palestinians follows their orders and obey to them. ISIS has shown to the EU who decides on their life or death, whether they recognize the Temple Mount as muslim or even the Eiffel Tower, the British Parliament or the UN organisation. ISIS manages the EU. See how Hollande changed his decision to stop the emergency laws. Who manages? ISIS. Who obeys? France.
Who tries to hurt the Jews will be destroyed. It is in front of our eyes.
4. EU, UN cannot change history
C   (07.15.16)
the nations will never stop plotting against the the jews and the jewish nation.
their despicable attempt to rewrite and change jewish history is a legacy of the third reich's propaganda machine.
israel exists only because she has her own army which is an army of giborim.
jerusalem is the city of david, seat of zion.
the arab muslim occupiers will eventually be expelled regardless of how long it will take.
islamic supremacism will be defeated. the terror states of saudi and iran will lose their power and wealth.
5. Still Christian silence
ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.15.16)
Denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem is the same as saying the historical setting of the Christian Gospels is a work of fiction.Setting them in early 1st century Judea,Galilee,Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem is a big lie.

If the Jewish connection to Jerusalem is denied,the Christian Gospels are overturned and Christianity falls.

Yet I hear not a word of protest from the Pope or other Christian Patriarchs.Don't they believe their Gospels and think them worth defended when they are being trashed by the UN?I know it's too much to expect that the Christian Patriarchs support the Jewish people but it amazes me that they remain silent in the face of this frontal assault on Christianity.

6. Anti semites in France
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.16.16)
Too bad as the ISIS maniacs are making war and no one defends the French. Studying Arabic or Farsi yet?
7. Unesco
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (07.17.16)
I don't think that you good people understand. Just look it up in the Bible,(Luke 41) and you will agree with Unesco. There is this child called Issa, the son of a Palestinian called Yousuf. He and his parents went to Al Quds to celebrate Ramadan. When the parents realized that Issa wasn't with them, on their way back to Nasrath (palestinian village) they returned to Al Quds to the great Mosque, where they found Issa debating with the Imams. and so on. There is a lot of knowledge and in- partiality in Unesco proposal.
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