Lieberman to Army Radio commander: Palestinian poet can't be part of Israeli narrative
Yoav Zitun
Published: 21.07.16, 17:02
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1. Fire Dekel immediately. No excuse for such evil
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.21.16)
Dekel should be fired immediately. There is no excuse for his blatantly evil conduct of promoting a murderous "Palestinian" terrorist, Darwish, who seeks to destroy Israel.

More crucially, we need to reform a system which allows such contemptible people to reach positions of influence and responsibility in Israel.
2. yaalon soon to be forgotten at defense
arieh   (07.21.16)
yaalon had no plan on the shelf for removing hamas from gaza, even if it was not to be used. likewise he did not according to the news call in army radio heads on the arab poet works inciting. lieberman did on both counts. moreover, arabs fear lieberman as well they should. they did not fear yaalon because he became another bibii-all bluster and gutless.

yaalonn seems to be into zen, mediation, religion and acting like netanyahu. who needs him. I will not vote for his party. leiberman already is better because though he is not experienced in militry, he has instincts for going for the throat and arabs know it. isrelis are starting to feel more comfortable with lieberman.
3. Liberman is nobody
ben   (07.21.16)
Liberman is a nobody. He is neither a talented writer/poet, nor a successful businessman, nor a military leader who proved his worth in action. His critique of others is laughable. Darwish was a great poet and a good man and it is time Israelis get used to the idea that Palestinians can be great poets and good men. There was no reason to establish the state and keep on living as paranoids afraid of admitting something uncomfortable. Darwish's legacy for Palestinians is indeed great. Liberman's for Jews is a joke.
4. Agree, no part of Israel until
Avi L.   (07.22.16)
Agree, no part of Israel until arabs will reciprocate and insert Jewish poetry in their books too ... but first they have to stop incitement
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