Core subject requirements for ultra-Orthodox educational institutions to be cancelled
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.07.16, 19:35
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1. Bibi's selling the future of the country for votes
Avi L.   (07.25.16)
Bibi's selling Israel, the future of Israel in order to stay some more time on top of the heap, to feel he is in charge, to see hordes of sycophants crowding around him, like the absolute kings of yore.

Bibi's is destroying the future of the country twisting, for plain thirst of power, IDF arm in accepting a declared racist and misogynist as chef rabbi.

So in the future there will be more and more of those fanatics and the country will be more and more like some Pakistan or Iran or Turkey.

Furthermore it is utterly pointless denouncing islamic hate mongering ulama spreading hate against us when we are feeding our own talebans with public money.
2. There are priorities in live.
Paul   (07.25.16)
One must learn the correct way to twirl a chicken over one's head. And how could one have a fulfilling life without knowing how to pray whilie banging your head on a wall?
3. No to theocracy!
Sarita ,   San Francisco   (07.26.16)
Israel absolutely must not become a theocracy like so many of its Muslim neighbors. It's what sets us apart!
4. I am glad the law is overturned
David ,   New york   (08.02.16)
It was an anti-Haredi law made by people who
Wanted to destroy the Haredim (as was the draft law)
I am all for general education but How can you
Campaign on an anti Haredi platform and then pretend
You are just trying to help Haredi children?
(Yesh atid wanted to "help" Haredi children by making them
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