Netanyahu dismisses Protective Edge criticism: 'We prepared for the tunnels'
Yoav Zitun and Matan Tzuri
Published: 26.07.16, 09:22
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1. Withot Edge !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.26.16)
Oh Yes - ! -
The operation Was made without Edge,
by the Intervention of the Politichians,
and by changing the Goal during it.

2. netnyahu
jerzy   (07.26.16)
bibi says he gave orders for tunnels to be dealt with but for bennet and lieberman, they would nnot hhave been as he raced to a ca ceasefire before even hamas did, just like he folded under pressure during the meshall hit.

give hussein eveyrthing, formual, antitdote, releaase prisoners including yassin. bibi is acoward, just like livni and olmert.

and if he did give orders to deaal with tunnels, that is not enough. he has to ensure ther the idf implments it. that he did not do as he has almost no idea on what is going on in the field. his resume covers up the fact that he himself has no mliitary accomplishments, none on his own.

israelis voters will shold know that lapid backed bibi up in doining almost nothing against hamas, reacting instead of taking hte initiative.
3. Bibi didn't give definite orders, cared only about his power
Avi L.   (07.26.16)
Bibi didn't give definite orders, he cared only about his own power, he wanted "silence" and come out as the winner and anointed king of Israel, while just a political dealer without any vision.

It's simply disgusting the way he is giving in as soon as someone threatens to threaten him, like the religious party with budget, education (no english and math), incitement and so on.
4. lying his teeth off
ed   (07.26.16)
bibi did zilch about tunnels and it is only bennett and lieberman who forced the issue. lapid and livni backed bibi and yaalon on their restrained defensive stategy which left the tunnels intact until bennett pushed too hard.

the netanyahus have done israel no favours with yoni blowing the surprise element of entebbe is becher is correct, and bibi, the most hapless so called commando israel has ever had. bibi is a l iar and a big one at that.

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